Join Me on Our Mutual Paths of Visionary Affluence

As an artist, the most vital action you take, after making your art,
is putting your art in the world.

And why do that?
Why struggle with all the details that have nothing to do with making art?

Because you understand that producing a piece of work is only half of the
creative process. And the other half is how your work connects with
another human being.

Your art, by itself, is like one outstretched hand, waiting mid-air for….


When another persons stands in front of your vision, taking it in, that’s
the other hand reaching back, grasping yours and now the promising,
profitable potential can begin!

Are you making the right connections?
Is your art career sparkling with success?

Or is something holding you back?

I’m on a new path, a path that is expanding smARTist
into The Path of Visionary Affluence!

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