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Do you ever wonder why some artists are wildly successful and others can’t figure it out?

One critical reason is they’ve learned the secrets to connections that inspire sales.

Let me ask you this:

  • Do you struggle with finding the right buyers and collectors for your work?
  • Are you trying to see how to earn a living doing what you love?
  • Do you hear about artists who are successful and wonder what are the few missing pieces, if you just knew them, that would catapult you into that same level of success?

All around you are many successful artists and leading art-career authorities who have the answers you are seeking. And they have gathered for a week at the smARTist conference, online, to share what they know to be true.

smARTist presents the longest running, online (and off!) professional development conference for visual artists.

smARTist Telesummit 2012


Mark the Dates -> January 26/27 & Jan 30-Feb 3

Because we’ve increased the level of interaction with all 10 speakers, this year’s registration will be strictly limited.

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If you’ve ever wondered why some artists are wildly successful and others can’t seem to make it work, come learn how communicate with total confidence to the right buyers and collectors so you too can grow your sales.

smARTist 2012 will hand you the keys.

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Here’s just a peek at some of what you’ll learn at this year’s conference:

  • Which 3 questions are the foundation for all of your communication with collectors and buyers
  • Which 2 rules for dealing with collectors never fail
  • How artist groups banded together to reaped 100% of the profits from successful exhibitions
  • How you can get sponsored by art companies
  • What 2 galleries did to increase sales during 2011 (and you can too!)
  • When to leverage your artistic integrity, and when to keep quiet
  • How to put deals together with big brands
  • Ways to exploit traditional media for more PR
  • How a physicist, turned Daily Painter, sold 100% of his small works, and then quit his day job
  • What is the #1 way to impress collectors and buyers
  • How to set up a follow-up system with your audience,, which creates trust and guarantees results
  • Why self-belief makes careers, and how to tap into this essential state of mind
  • How to set up coordinated, powerful, multifaceted promotional campaigns
  • What is the bedrock mindset of a successful artist
  • How to turn clients into collectors (yes, there’s a diff!)
  • Why your collector base is your lifeline in a slow economy, and how to leverage that
  • How to assess, manage, and increase your current level of confidence
  • How to stop anxiety of rejection or judgment in its tracks
  • How the age of your collector affects what you make
  • What simple “confidence” tool vaporizes any fear and puts you in control before you speak to a collector or buyer
  • How 2 Artists who had their best sales year ever – and their surprising strategy
  • How real life artists maintained, or increased, income during the recession—while working with galleries
  • And more!

From a very happy participant…

I can’t believe the people you collected! I can’t believe the value! You know, if anyone is serious about trying to make it as an artist — particularly in this financial climate — it seems to me they’ve got to get the information you are offering or they’re just swimming in a storm — you and your crew are the lighthouse! —Robert Girandola, painter




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P.S.S. If you are already one of my hundreds of smARTist Telesummit Alumni, look for your lifetime Alumni Discount Coupon. Your $100 off trumps anything else I offer. I can’t wait to see you there!