Emerging, Mid-Career, and Established Artists – did you miss the 2010 smARTist® Telesummit?

The artists who came learned how to adapt and use the same creative energy that sparks their artwork to attract collectors and sell their art.

Wouldn’t it be a big leap forward if you knew how to do that too?

Ariane Goodwin

From the desk of…

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It’s such a cliché… the day-to-day struggling artist, swept away by the intoxication of creative flow—where hours disappear in a blink.

Emerging from the focus and grace of studio no-time into the bright glare of marketing and business realities – frantically trying to keep up with it all.

And like all clichés, this one springs from real life, your life—lived over and over, because… Art is your life.

It’s what sings to you no matter how loud the rest of your life gets. It’s what lives in your heart as you swing your legs over the side of your bed every morning.

For you, making art is just not an option. Any other “bottom line” will always trail far behind.

And then there’s your family. Your friends. Your day job. The bills, plumbing …and “what’s for dinner?”

You must wonder, What do successful artists do — not sleep? Not eat?

What do they know that you don’t know?

In these roller-coaster times, when the plunge down can bring your heart up into your throat, there are so many questions to answer.

Do you go after a gallery or sell it yourself?

Do you need a sign-up form on your website, or does that scream “commercial”?

Is Twitter a fad or a necessity?

Can you actually double your income by tapping into the Art Print Market?

How on earth can you tell if your artwork will sell in this economy, and where?

Tell me, which one of these slows you down the most?

Go ahead, click on one.

    • Lack of confidence
    • Fear
    • Illness, or caring for a loved one
    • Holding down another job

Introducing the all-new
4th Annual
smARTist® Telesummit 2010
Home-Study Edition!


Where you can listen to the audio download and CDs (also read the written transcripts!) for all 7 days, with 11 Keynote Speakers, who gave 14 presentations… any time – at your convenience –  as often as you want.

You’ll zero in on the details you need to move your career forward, learning from our art-career experts and successful artists exactly what it takes to break the starving artist mold and be successful (in any economy)—with focus & facts supporting your Fabulous Art.

Let me share some spontaneous comments that poured in from dozens of my smARTist alumni who came to the live event. Take a look at what they have to say…

…in this financial climate…

Robert GirandolaI can’t believe the people you collected! I can’t believe the value! You know, if anyone is serious about trying to make it as an artist — particularly in this financial climate — it seems to me they’ve got to get the information you are offering or they’re just swimming in a storm — you and your crew are the lighthouse!   —Robert Girandola

How small adjustments yield big results…

The presenters’ information helped me get a clearer look at the combined view of my business, self-care, and creative practices. I began to see how they interconnect; where the stronger and weaker links are, and the effect these have on the entire process. Rather like the inner workings of an antique wall clock, each part contributes to the overall function. My biggest surprise has been finding how very small adjustments can yield big results.  — Janet Jensen

This quote from artist Robert Genn holds the key to transforming the business of your art into a long-lasting, successful career where you get recognized, exhibited, and paid for your work year after year.


Many of the letters that come my way are from artists trying to make the transition from amateur to professional.

Professionals, it seems, are people gifted with an extreme willingness to buckle down. They access books, mentors, workshops, and other professionals to learn the standards required.

—Robert Genn, from his Twice Weekly Letters

Here are more artists who made the choice to invest in their art careers and learn what’s required for success. See if what they have to say resonates.

I dedicated 2010 as the year of putting myself on the map

I’m so glad I registered for the Telesummit. What a Tom Hlas _That Which Iswonderful experience … to have all this expertise and wisdom available to me “live” without having to leave home. Before I even registered for the smARTist Telesummit, I had dedicated 2010 as the year of putting myself on the map to financial success. smARTist has provided me an incredible springboard to do exactly that! —Tom Hlas

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!

This week has been amazing…I don’t remember the last time I was so motivated and inspired. I have gotten so much from the keynote speaker’s presentations, the pre-events, even the panel days, and I am saddened that tomorrow will be the last day. Thank you so much for the time and effort that you have all put into this amazing resource for artists. I am feeling ready to re-emerge in my new locale with my confidence, inspiration, skills, and vision strong.

The keynote speakers were exceptional at not only sharing their information and resources, but their friendly down-to-earth speaking style allowed us to feel like we were listening to a friend giving advice over a cup of coffee.

I am looking forward to next year’s smARTist Telesummit already! And please let me know what I can do to spread the word for smARTist. This has been an amazing week. My profound thanks!  —Julie Cooper Young

Sometimes it seems like getting to the next level is lost in such a tangle of information that you don’t know what to do first, how to prioritize or assess what will work best.

You want accurate facts. You want knowledgeable people to turn to for competent support. You want to know which strategies have the best chance to help you turn a corner and be the successful artist you know in your heart that you can be.

What are the changes you need to make?

How far do you want your art career to go?

And, like the artists above… is all you need a little push?

Then, before another minute whooshes by,
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One of the best ways to know where you’re going is to be very clear about your starting point.

So tell me, which one of these best describes your art career level right now?

Click on one:

At any career level, being an artist is extraordinary. How do you do it? Has it been easy? Hard?

Do you have the right information, or are you just persistent and determined?

I’m betting your climb is satisfying, and often steep. And that every day you wonder if there isn’t something that could make it all just a little bit easier and more fruitful.

As an emerging artist, you are especially challenged with putting your work in front of the right audience.

Marketing and promoting just feels so different from your world of creating. Trying to sell your art is like you’ve crossed over into an alien country with a foreign language.

But it does not have to be this way. Look at what this artist told us after the last smARTist® Telesummit.

Not having done much marketing in the past,
what you provided was invaluable…

Photo of Mickey BaxterMickey-BaxterI listened to the first session until 1 AM Sunday evening—WOW, what a wealth of information!

Already I’m setting my goals, freeing up time to work in my studio, and doing a website makeover based on this information from smARTist®.

I had a pretty firm foundation for what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure where to start. With the information from this telesummit, I now have direction and things I’m excited to pursue. I cannot thank you and your speakers enough for my new beginnings.

Not having done much marketing in the past, what you provided was invaluable.

It’s hard to imagine how the telesummit could possibly get better, but I have no doubt you will make it happen.

—Mickey Baxter

As a mid-career artist, you are to be congratulated. You obviously have figured out enough to get this far. And you aren’t one to turn your back on new information that can help you get even further.

I’m betting you have a lot in common with Phyllis Tarlow, who attended both 2007 & 2008 smARTist® Telesummits.

Take a look at what she told us.

smARTist® has given me both the guidance and
concrete steps I needed to move ahead…

Photo of Phyllis TarlowPhyllis-Tarlow-use-in-her-2nd-testimonialGreat going, Ariane! The first day’s panel this year was terrific! And I didn’t even think that was the part of the telesummit I would be interested in. I’m so glad that I signed up again.

Even though I’ve worked as a commercial artist, illustrator and portrait artist, the fine art market was not as clear to me. But smARTist® has given me both the guidance and concrete steps I needed to move ahead.

After smARTist® 2007, I made huge strides, taking very practical and concrete steps to shape my career. Now with smARTist® 2008, and Mark Silver and Eric Maisel’s very helpful presentations, I realize the parts of myself that might be holding me back and slowing me down.

After being a part of smARTist® 2008, I’m looking forward to building on the successes I’ve already accomplished from the smARTist® 2007 information!

I’m so glad it’s possible to listen over and over again to this material, whenever you want to refresh your mind about what was said.

It takes patience and perseverance to make a go of selling fine art paintings, but now I have a support system in place that didn’t exist two years ago. And that makes an enormous difference!

—Phyllis Tarlow
(attended 2007 & 2008!)

As an established artist, you are nothing but amazing. How did you do it? Was it easy? Hard?

Did you have the right information all along, or were you unusually persistent and determined.

I’m betting it was a hard climb. And that every day you wonder if there isn’t something that could make it all just a little bit easier and more fruitful.

I’m betting you have some things in common with Ron Rosenstock, a well established artist.

Months later and I still listen…

Photo of Ron RosenstockRon-RosenstockI’ve been an exhibiting/publishing photographer for 40 years, and the smARTist® program was inspiring.

Months later and I still listen to the CD’s when driving and flying.

—Ron Rosenstock, author of Hymn to the Earth;
Chiostro, Photographs of Italy; and The Light of Ireland

What if, at any career level, you could save 10 years of struggling – just like this artist did?

I would never have made such an outrageous claim for the smARTist® Telesummit… until one artist actually said this to me.

I’ll let Shirley Williams, an established, self-supporting artist of 18 years, tell you about the big changes smARTist helped her make.

If you’re ready to change the struggle, and make a focused, clear commitment to your art,
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I want your work to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any other Professional Career in our world.

And that means having access to Ongoing Professional Development, where you learn the latest and best strategies and ideas for your career—the hallmark of all serious professionals.

smARTist put me on the right track…to sales!

The information I gleaned from smARTist put me on the right track for using social networking tools to boost my name recognition. I use a adams_limesFacebook profile page, a Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and a blog/website along with a monthly eNewsletter. My total cost, other than time, has been about $20 a month.

I just started Facebook and my eNewsletter this January, and I already have 2500 fans on Facebook and 4500 friends on Facebook, with my mailing list growing to 420.

As a result of coming to the smARTist Telesummit, a very fine gallery, M Gallery of Art, Sarasota, FL, contacted me asking to represent my work and offered me a one-person show. I’ve had several sales through that gallery, more sales through the Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, TX, plus some sales directly from my eNewsletter. —Michael Lynn Adams

This is my 2nd year with smARTist!

Jennifer BarbatiI finished implementing last year’s intention in October. I had my goal set, map ready, and it was go, go, go. Coming to the Platinum Level is a serious commitment that I hold myself accountable to.Any extra time spent with coaching, questions & answers, or just revisiting of topics is well spent. Professional training from the best, I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year!

By the way, Ariane, thanks for the incredible compliment once again. I loved your answer to me and will forever think of “sharing my work” rather than “selling myself”. That was so appreciated, and really hit home. —Jen Barbati

So, once again, I challenged all 11 speakers at this year’s smARTist® Telesummit 2010 to open the floodgates.


Here are just *some* of the professional development topics we covered in 7 days:

  • How to decide if your work is ready for a new gallery…or any gallery.
  • Why Artists have a special advantage in adverse economic times.
  • How Twitter can get you more exposure and net you new collectors.
  • When diversifying your portfolio and your pricing strategy increase your art income.
  • How you can build a consistent business strategy that’s in line with your dreams and values.
  • When narrowing your market options increases your chances for success.
  • The hidden gift in the clutter around you that could actually increase your productivity.
  • The best ways to deal with disappointments, so they don’t sabotage your creative energy.
  • How you can respond to changes in the art market, so you can connect with new markets and opportunities.
  • The most important skill sets you need to profit from the $19.2 billion art-licensing industry.
  • How to use Facebook to promote gallery exhibits, art shows, craft fairs and other events – without being pushy.
  • Eight easy ways to find content for your email newsletter—that you don’t even have to write!
  • How to organize an artist workshop abroad, the entire event—from soup to nuts.
  • What galleries really want from you after you’ve given them your finest work.
  • The best ways to handle conflicts between the demands of art dealers and being true to yourself and your work.
  • How youcan turn the Inner Critic into an ally and friend.
  • The three organizing tools that increase flow, clear space, and creativity.
  • How one misstep in your price point means you’ll get knocked out of the game.
  • When should you self-represent, and when you should find an art print publisher to sell your prints.
  • How to use your same mastery of the creative process that you’ve developed for your art in the rest of your life: your career, business, and family.
  • The five most confusing things about Facebook – and what can you do about them.
  • How using repetition helps you produce more work.
  • Which three strategies increase the length AND profitability of your gallery relationship.
  • How organizing your space helps you prioritize and manage your time.
  • And so much more, I guarantee you don’t want to just read about it. You want to experience it.

Click here to register… so you can learn the newest strategies to take advantage of every art career opportunity that arrives on your doorstop.

smARTist – enriching, stimulating and well organized!

jalbertAs I was listening to theLouise Jalbert - Talisman speakers, I started to a sketch a plan for 1 year, 2 years and 5, that I will define more next week.It’s pretty clear, though, that the priority will be to bring my production up, gradually. Then translate and redo my website, bio, and artist’s statement. Then software for inventory. I would also like to start doing prints.

THANK YOU, Ariane, for this extraordinary week. So enriching, stimulating and well organized! —Louise Jalbert

The change is so big that I bet most people would feel scared

Photo of Dmitry Badiarov I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for organising the smARTist® Telesummit, two years in a row! Thanks to pure luck, I found your website two and a half years ago. Since then, your wonderful book and the Telesummits have helped to make my career a lot easier to advance.

I wish I’d met you 10 years ago! The young artists coming to your telesummit are really lucky to be there now, not 10 years down the road.

It’s not only the Telesummit that helped, but the ensemble of resources: your book + the Telesummits. At last I can grasp the true spirit of my work. The change is so big that I bet most people would feel scared. I will not be surprised if everything takes a completely new and unexpected route: my medium, profile, direction, priorities…all of my career. So, thank you. And thanks to all of the speakers who came on board! —Dmitry Badiarov

Those two artists used what they learned at the smARTist® Telesummit to achieve what Oliver Wendell Holmes has immortalized:


A human mind, once stretched to a new idea,

never returns to its former dimensions.

—Oliver Wendell Holmes


Isn’t it time you stretched your art career into new dimensions of greater success? You can.

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Okay, so what do I get? ts-hse-group-small

This smARTist® Home-Study Edition includes…

  • Full-length recordings of all 7 days of this professional development conference.
  • 11 Art-Career Experts and Successful Artists talking about how YOU can use their strategies to take your career to new heights.
  • 12 Professional Art-Career Keynote Presentations, covering the widest range of art career topics anywhere, online or off.
  • 2 Master-Mind Panel Discussions, where the speakers discuss real-life questions and stories from fellow artists. (You get multiple points of view on a single issue.)
  • ALL 11 Speaker Handouts In PDF Format
    Every year I insist that each speaker create a juicy handout to go along with their presentation. Some of these have been virtual eBooks, some are worksheets, and some include detailed outlines.
  • Premium Level also includes complete written transcripts – every word, carefully and accurately transcribed. You can read, highlight, review, and extract the parts that you want to focus on – all in the comfort of your own studio or home, and all at the pace that suits your life.

Tremendous inspirational jolt…forbes_artwork

isabel_forbesWhat a great week of information and inspiration! Thank you, your smARTist team, and your panel of experts for everything. I got a tremendous inspirational jolt from the smARTist Telesummit 2010 this year!  —Isabel Forbes

You too can get the information and inspiration you need to light a fire under your art career!

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As one of my favorite people, Molly Gordon (3 time presenter at the smARTist Telesummit) has said, cake is always better with icing.

So here’s the icing you get when you buy the cake….

  • BONUS #1 – 14-Week Follow-up eCourse (a $495 value)

    Making sure you have the right information is only half my job: helping you take action is the other half.

    Starting a week after your purchase, I’ll send you the first of 14 Follow-up Sessions to your inbox—one a week for 14 weeks, one for each session in the conference. You get a systematized way to learn and use all the smARTist® material you’ll hear on the recordings. Each email session makes sure you:

    • “Fan the Flames” — with a summary of a Panel Day or one of the speakers
    • “Catch Fire” — with a specific action step or two, so you can experience immediate success
    • “Feast Your Eyes” — on a piece of featured artwork selected from this year’s smARTIST participants
  • BONUS #2 (Premium only) – Full Transcripts of all 7 Days – 382 pages!

    All 14 sessions (a total of 382 pages!). Download immediately. Print, read, highlight, reread. Each of the 14 sessions comes to you as a PDF.

  • BONUS #3 (Premium only) – 3 Juicy Pre-Event Recordings

    Audio recordings of the 3 nitty-gritty, idea-filled Pre-Events (3 hour-long MP3 audios, a $207 value):

    • J’net Smith, art-licensing guru
      J’net shares Insider Information about the art-licensing industry – the skill sets you need, what it takes to create a thriving, profitable art-licensing business, and the bottom line of what art licensing adds to your cash flow.
    • Jason Horejs, owner of Xanadu Gallery & author of Starving to Successful
      Jason presents 3 Case Studies of artists who found three very different paths to success – and explains why now is the best time to be looking for gallery representation!
    • Biana Babinsky, social-media & Twitter expert
      Biana explains some of the different tools for tweeting, how to include images of your work, how to find the people who will become collectors (and how to connect with them), and many more great tidbits for tweeting profitably about your art.
  • BONUS #4 (Premium only) – Full Transcripts of all 3 Pre-Events

    Complete written transcripts for the 3 live Pre-Events, so you can read, highlight, and review what you hear on the recordings from Bonus #3. (a $37 value)


Abundance is scooped from abundance and still…

More Abundance Remains.

—The Upanishad


This abundance of Art Career Materials & Bonus Icing is waiting for you to dive in… just…
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I know the balancing act of most artist’s budgets.

So there’s no need to spend $2750 (or more) to get access to all this material from art-career experts who can help you attract collectors and sell your art.

You can access the wealth of their wisdom at a price that fits your budget.

Think about it for a minute.

Just one session with each of these experts, at a consulting rate of $250 per hour (and that’s low for some of these speakers who command $500 and up), would cost thousands of dollars.

Every year the “experts,” not to mention the professional artists who know the going price for professional development, tell me the cost for this program is crazy low.

Not to mention that it’s the Big Picture Art Career Advice all in one place, which you just can’t find anywhere else.

It’s tailor-made for any discipline or craft…
2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, Multi-media, or Digital.

For far, far less than you spend on art supplies…
Let’s face it, you can spend all you want on art supplies, but if you aren’t supplying your career development also, your vision will never get in front of the people who need to see it.

And if they can’t see it, they can’t buy it.

And if they can’t buy it, your art collects dust instead of inspiring the rest of us. (And your bank balance doesn’t grow the way it should.)

All you need is a simple shift—a promise to put your career first, and a commitment to keep that promise.

Look what happened when these artists made that commitment to put their careers first – and then kept the promise to themselves and their art…

I’m creating a new brand to license my work…christineobrien_sabbadaywalls

Christine O'Brien I’ve been in several juried shows, and have begun showing in galleries and retail stores.

And I spend hours and hours in Photoshop just playing, and have a whole other “look” that doesn’t make it to my website because I don’t want to confuse people. So, smARTist, now I’m creating a new brand just to license that work. New website, new blog, new marketing. Very excited about it! —Chris O’Brien

…raised the hairs on my arms and brought tears to my eyes …

I just had to write back and say THANK YOU for starting out the Day 2 panel discussion with my question.

The answer from Jonathan Talbot raised the hairs on my arms and brought tears to my eyes. I was deeply affected by the vision Jonathan described, and I’m so honored that he shared such an amazing response with me and the other listeners. It was so different in tone, so unexpected, like inviting me on a soul journey. I feel his suggestions opened a gate that had been locked for me. I have some new work to do now — but it’s SO exciting! —Anne Lewis

All of this sounds great, but you may still be wondering if this 2010 Telesummit Home-Study Edition is really right for you.

Okay, let’s find out.

If you work in one or more of these mediums:

2-Dimensional, 3-Dimensional, Multi-media, Digital, Musical, Performance

…then select which of the following applies to you:

You have lots of ideas, but are not confident about where to begin and how to keep going.

You want to take your art career to the next level.

You toy with the idea of working as a full time artist, but aren’t sure where to start.

You work as a full time artist, but want new ideas and inspiration for putting your work in the world.

You know there are better ways to market your art, online and off, but aren’t sure which ones work best.

Did you check “Yes” 4 or more times?

Then you’re a great match for this conference, where it’s all about taking practical action on what you learn here.

Did you check “No” 3 or more times?

If so, you may not be the best fit for this material.

I say “may not” because, even with the ‘no-s’, you might still be ambitious enough to want the latest information about how to sell your art online with Social Media; the most current ways to get into galleries and establish gallery relationships; or how to bring in a second income from the Art Print market.

I’m so glad that I signed up again for this year!

Photo of Phyllis TarlowThe first day’s panel was terrific and I didn’t even think that was the part of the Telesummit that I would be interested in. I’m so glad that I signed up again for this year!

After coming to the first smARTist Telesummit, I PT_Shelter Islandtook some very practical and concrete steps to shape my career. This year, I realize that I need to work on parts of myself that are holding me back and slowing me down.

For some reason, the steps needed to make contacts for work as a commercial artist, illustrator, and portrait artist are more clear to me than how I can make a go of selling my fine art paintings. This conference has given me the guidance and concrete steps I need to move with confidence in that direction.

I’m delighted with the strides I’ve made so far, and I’m looking forward to building on the successes I’ve already accomplished.

I have a support system in place, now, which didn’t exist two years ago and that makes an enormous difference. Thanks, Ariane. —Phyllis Tarlow

If you also want “practical and concrete steps to shape” your career, like this artist above, the first step is to…

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Your smARTist Telesummit pushed me
and encouraged me to make important change…

dianne_mattarFirst, I changed things on the website that were suggested,DM_breathing_space and now I have a young women who comes weekly to help with my art business. I also teamed up with 3 other artists for support and accountability as I move my career forward.

I have several degrees, and I’ve taught 7-year olds to graduate students, so I appreciate your clear presentation of the material. I also appreciate how you share what you know. You have touched many with this conference. Thank you. Thank you. —Dianne Mattar

smARTist® Telesummit 2010 Home-Study Edition
Attract Collectors. Sell your work with…
Focus, Facts, and Your Fabulous Art!
Here’s What You Get Basic Premium
Day 1: Panel Discussion
Get the FACTS you need to attract collectors and sell your art
5 Art Career experts answer your questions about different markets and new approaches to broadening your reach – and selling more art.
90 min MP3 audio worth $87
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Day 2: Panel Discussion
Find new ways to bring more FOCUS into your day
5 Art Career experts answer your questions with creative ideas about releasing resistance and rediscovering your passion
90 min MP3 audio worth $87
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Day 3: Keynotes

Jennifer Hofmann, compassionate expert on organizing: Gentle Organizing for Creative Spirits

Barney Davey, expert on the art print market: Putting Art Prints in Perspective: how can you build a second income in the art-print market?

Robert Fritz, bestselling author: Your Life as Art

3-60 min. MP3 audios worth $207 ($69 ea.)

Yes! Yes!
Day 4: Keynotes

Jason Horejs, gallery owner and author of Starving to Successful: Starving to Successful: how to find and keep the right gallery for your art – at any stage of your career (Part I)

J’net Smith, art-licensing guru: Thirty Dirty Secrets of Art Licensing

2-60 min. MP3 audios worth $138 ($69 ea.)

Yes! Yes!
Day 5: Keynotes

Chris Buffaloe, expert in social media management: Beyond Beginners: Selling More Art on Facebook

Joan Stewart, self-promotion expert: Ezines, Bios, and Blogs! The top three writing problems that stop artists cold – and how to solve them

Biana Babinsky, social-media guru: How to Tweet Your Art on Twitter

3-60 min. MP3 audios worth $207 ($69 ea)

Yes! Yes!
Day 6: Keynotes

Jason Horejs, gallery owner and author of Starving to Successful: Starving to Successful: how to find and keep the right gallery for your art – at any stage of your career (Part II)

Sharon Pitts, watercolor artist and educator: Travel with your Talent: Giving Workshops Abroad

2-60 min. MP3 audios worth $138 ($69 ea.)

Yes! Yes!
Day 7: Keynotes

Jonathan Talbot, painter and collage artist: Making Your Passion your Business: learn how passion yields success in both art and business

Barbara Bowen, coach for creative professionals: Bring it On! How resistance can wake up your creative process

2-60 min. MP3 audios worth $138 ($69 ea.)

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Bonus #1: A unique, 14-Week Follow-Up eCourse
featuring one speaker, per week, to help you “breeze with ease” through all of this material!
(worth $495)
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Bonus #2 (Premium only):
Written Telesummit Transcripts for all 7 Days

All 14 sessions (a total of 382 pages!) Download immediately. Print, read, highlight, reread. Each of the 14 sessions comes to you as a PDF.
(worth $97)
Bonus #3 (Premium only):
3 Pre-Event recordings:

J’net Smith on licensing your art; Jason Horejs presenting case studies of 3 artists’ unique paths to success; and Biana Babinksy giving you “right now” social-media tips.
(3-60 min. MP3 audios worth $207 ($69 ea)
Bonus #4 (Premium only):
Written transcripts of all  3 Pre-Event recordings
(worth $37)
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About Bonus #1

Your “smARTist 14-Week Follow-Up eCourse” is a great idea. I’m still working my way through the 14 conference presentations, so having this parallel email course to follow each presentation is very helpful.
—Linda Bussell

I was so afraid of spending the money…

16-Crop_Cherie-GramppI am absolutely LOVING the smARTist Telesummit. I was so afraid of spending the money with the economy declining, (I am my only support) but I did it and I am just so pleased. I am getting so many ideas as I listen to the lessons in my car and at home, until it all really sinks in. Thank you so much. It was money really well spent! —Cherie Grampp

My Trusty “Time Machine” Guarantee

If the Present and the Future of this material does not work for you, after 30 days I’ll wind the clock back to the moment before you purchased and fly all of your money back to you.

From you, this is on your honor. From me, no strings attached.

Pure and simple – back to the future that wasn’t – because I really want it to be perfectly easy for you to try it out with zero risk.

And because, as you can clearly see from all the artists here, I’m confident that you’ll get what you need to build the career you want.

I was a complete skeptic…

John NordellJohn-NordellBelieve me, at first I was a complete skeptic about the value of the smARTist Telesummit. But there have been so many changes in my art career since attending last year!

One change is about the material that I teach my photography students. I have used the ideas, and shown the websites, of at least 5 smARTist speakers.

On my own website, instead of a “contact” button, the button says, “Join the mailing list”. I spent some time in NYC last summer investigating the gallery scene and realized that I am an image generator, not a marketer, schmoozer, etc. This insight combined with the talk of corporate art dealers from smARTist, led me to my current contract negotiations with a major corporate art player.
—John Nordell

Like John, your change can start here when you…

…take one intentional step away from ‘Small’ and into the Infinity of Your Vision

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And don’t forget… Your fellow artists need you.

Creating in a solitude can get lonely and filled with valleys of doubt. So when you get a chance to hear what your fellow artists have to say and what their questions are – it’s a rare opportunity too ripe not to pick.

And I need you.

Your art needs an audience, right? Art locked up in the closet, or stored in the basement, is almost no art at all.

Well, this home-study program is like that: it is only one-half of the picture. Without you – the creative professional – smARTist® Telesummit would have no vision and no reason to exist.

You, the artists who fill my life, you complete smARTist.

As always, I wish you continued creative flow,

Ariane Goodwin

P.S. If you need this material, and are hesitating — TAKE A LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!

This could be your moment too. It’s yours for the taking.

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