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Artists, when you know your art is good, but you can’t get the sales you want, don’t you wish you knew step-by-step how all those other successful artists do it?

Nothing is more discouraging than knowing something is possible, but you don’t know how to puzzle the pieces together.

Especially when you compare what you do with the “successful artists” and you know your art is right up there. So you research, take action, put strategies together.

Still, your sales lag behind your expectations. Then you begin to second-guess yourself. Maybe your art isn’t as good as you thought. Maybe there really is a secret you haven’t uncovered. A silver bullet you haven’t discovered.

Meanwhile, you are losing time, and money, and worst of all—the core confidence you need to keep going—all because you don’t know where (or what) the missing piece is.

Even one missing piece can derail your creative energy, make you feel stuck while you waste precious hours and days looking for “it” (when you could be making art), even when you aren’t sure what “it” is.

What if there was one place where you could find those missing pieces?

Introducing “Your Collector Lifeline: How to Use Confidence, Connection, and Communication so They Buy Your Art”

The annual, smARTist Telesummit 2012 “Home Study Edition”

Master Level Material From the ONLY Professional Development Conference
for Visual Artists!

Your Collector Lifeline: How to Use Confidence, Connection, and Communication so They Buy Your Art gives you the missing pieces.

This program is based on the 7-day, live Telesummit we held in January, where 13 Art Career Authorities and Successful Artists gave 14 presentations focused on selling your art with confidence to the collectors and buyers who are right for your work.

And most important, it helps you expand your art career without confusion, losing precious time, or over-investing.


Yes, I want this!


Confusion leads to low confidence, and chaos over organization…

When you want to make art and need to make a living, confusion slows you down, waaaay down. Your Collector Lifeline: How to Use Confidence, Connection, and Communication so They Buy Your Art organizes a year’s worth of art career information into bite-sized sections, each with its own clear purpose. It’s not a hodgepodge of disorganized pieces.

Instead it lines up the pieces you need to get more sales by understanding and applying proven strategies.

It shows you which art-career pieces to pay attention to—like how are artists and galleries making money right now, how do you increase confidence and connection strategies with buyers and collectors so you get more sales. This program gives you a series of marketing and communication action steps, from successful artists and the experts who know the art world, while it keeps you from spending way too much time, effort and money on a “spinning approach.”

So what is a “spinning approach?”

Ask someone what’s the most successful way to approach a potential collector, to create the right follow-up, or try a new marketing approach, and they’ll give you an opinion. And this opinion will vary from person to person. This variation leaves you spinning with confusion. You’re not really sure if your marketing approach is working at 20%, 55% or not working at all.

And you suspect that you could vastly increase sales, if you had a clear set of guidelines and benchmarks.

Increased My Sales!

Morning Light

“Things have been going great and I’ve had many successes since smARTist last January. I landed a licensing deal, won a grant for the second year in a row, and have greatly increased my sales successes at open studios and at my first art festival.I also have several upcoming group and solo shows.

I am so busy, I feel like my head is spinning!”

Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! ~ Laurie Breen


Here’s What You Get In “Your Collector Lifeline: How to Use Confidence, Connection, and Communication so They Buy Your Art”

  • Professional Development for Your Art Career – When art is no longer a hobby, sideline, or experiment, it is a career. This means you need up-to-date, art world information. You need professional level information—which is the beating heart of this “smARTist Telesummit Home Study Edition.”
  • Convenience With A Click – Even if you had time for endless surfing, first you have to know what you are looking for. With this program, we’ve figured it out. One click gives you instant access to all 7-days of professional information–14 sessions recorded and transcribed, 10 downloadable speaker handouts, and workbooks.
  • 14 Presentations from 13 Leading Art Career Authorities – Who has time to do the research needed to figure out the best experts, this year, in the art world? I spend an average of 8 months identifying experts who can focus on that significant piece you need to complete your art career puzzle.
  • Two MasterMind Panel Days – When you only have one answer to a question, it’s hard to know if it’s the right answer. When you have answers from 5 authorities to the same question, those multiple perspectives give you a new way to assess what’s right for you.
  • A Brick ‘n Mortar Conference From the Comforts of Home – No traveling and extra out-of-pocket expenses (like other professional conferences). No jet lag, bad hotel food, or airline delays. No downtime. You learn at your own pace, in comfort.
  • Exponentially Expanding Your Vision – Ever notice how easy it is to think small, stay small? After all, it’s one pot, one sculpture, one tapestry, one canvass, and one photograph at a time, right? What would happen if you believed your Grandest Vision is completely doable and your biggest hurdle is simply having the professional information that gives you the competence to get there. The “smARTist 2012 Home Study Edition” is your ticket to ride beyond your own expectations.


I Came Into This Telesummit a Bit of a Skeptic. Now I’m a Convert!

“I came into this telesummit as a bit of a skeptic who had painful difficulty coughing up the money and now I am happy to say I’m a convert.

My Studio

Even the speakers I wasn’t interested in turned out to be fascinating. Seems like the only perceptions out of whack were my own. A really good eye-opener for me.

Also, I have been impressed this week with your warmth, insight, smarts (good practical advice and not all touchy-feely) and generosity of spirit (which is contagious). I look forward to continued learning through you and with you and hope we can stay in contact. Good grief, does that mean I have to get a twitter account?

I look forward to revisiting all the lectures and digesting them in the next few months.” ~ Marcia Middleton


If this is what happened for Marcia Middleton, imagine what can happen for you!

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Here’s an alumni who keeps returning because she’s had such spectacular results expanding her vision. (…she sent me this video as a surprise!)

Yes, I want this!

The sooner you step into your professional shoes and take responsibility for your career decisions, the faster your art will succeed at the level you know in your heart is why you are here.

If you don’t make sure your work stands shoulder-to-shoulder with any other professional career in our culture, how will you be able to expand the impact your art has on humanity?

When you stand behind your art and support it, then your art will support you. It’s just the way it works.

Click Here to Get Started.

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And if you really want to leverage professional development and bridge the gap between making art and making a living, you cannot do it in isolation.

Which is why I’m get so excited that 33% of artists who come to the smARTist conference, year after year, are my returning Alumni.


I’ve Forgotten How Many Years
I’ve Been Taking This Program

“I’ve been doing it so long that I’ve forgotten how many years I’ve been taking this telesummit program, but I can tell you that each time, so much new information is covered that I never feel I’ve had enough.

The year you gave us Social Media information, I couldn’t imagine how it could be helpful. Now I’m up and running with two Facebook fan pages, and was even given a write-up in my local paper because I had so many followers on Twitter.

Sundown Garrison's Landing

Because of past smARTist discussions—about giving artwork search engine friendly titles, I’ve received two commissions.

So once again, I thank you for setting up this great telesummit each year. It’s both a reinforcement and a growth tool for me.”
~Phyllis Tarlow




While 2011 Was Very Good,
2012 Sessions Were Fantastic!

Cantilever at Cable Mill

“I attended the 2011 and 2012 smARTist Telesummits. While 2011 was very good, the 2012 sessions were fantastic.


A number of questions came up throughout the conference regarding photography and how the lessons being shared applied to this medium. I can understand how it can be a bit difficult to determine how to apply what you are learning in a session where the focus is on “originals.


However, I believe that 90% of what was discussed directly applies to fine art photography. How to approach galleries, blogging, promotions, exhibitions, etc. apply no matter the medium.”

~Jeffrey Stoner




More proof that taking professional development seriously pays off. Listen to this…

An Artist Speaks Out!
Here I was happily answering your questions when out of the blue… 

Artist Speaks Out! (It’s a short, fun listen – only 4½ mins.)


And she’s not the only one piping up.

Even though this next artist had to overcome some resistance, look what happened…

I had a few reservations when I signed up.

“Because I’ve been a working artist most of my adult life—in the print business, art galleries, museums, as well as studying business marketing—most of the topics you covered were not new to me.

Last Light

But I can really say that the summit has been a great source of information and inspiration for me.

First the quality of the reception impressed me and most importantly it was actually good to go over the areas that I was familiar with. I have lots to work on. I would recommend this to other artists. Thank you so very much.” —Brain Banks



I’ve gone to great lengths to get you the most informed and up-to-date art career experts because I understand how crucial it is for you to find the shortest path to success.

Ponder this:

Just one session, with any of my speakers, at a consulting rate of $250 to $350 and up would cost you thousands of dollars.

Every year people tell me that the Home Study Edition is crazy low because this entire 7 days with 13 speakers costs less than most 2-day workshops with one speaker.

Save yourself the time, trouble, and money of hunting down all of this information on your own.

Join hundreds of artists: Get the smARTist 2012 Home Study Edition and don’t lose another precious minute sitting on the sidelines.

Yes, I want this!


Here Are the Speakers in This Program Leading Art Career Authorities along with Successful Artists

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

…art career coach, author of Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work, and creator of this one-and-only, professional development, art career conference will be co-presenting with Eden Maxwell so you can learn even more about how to connect with collectors and communicate with confidence so you get more sales—every time.

Eden Maxwell

Eden Maxwell

Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist with Three Key Questions ~Eden Maxwell

A painter and writer, Eden will help you understand your dharma, the deeper purpose in your artist’s life with three presentations with Ariane, each one a bookend for this conference. You don’t want to miss exploring how to dwell in the wellspring of your art.

Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman

The Secret to Artist Blog Success: How to Attract and Connect with Collectors ~Denise Wakeman

As one of the early adapters, Denise Wakeman is nearly a blogging legend. She has mastered all aspects of blogging, from what creates a readership to how to monetize your blog. With her usual flair, Denise will give you her own 3-step formula for creating quality content that builds trust with collectors so they want to do business with you.

Jack White

Jack White

Making and Keeping Collectors for a Lifetime ~Jack White

Artist and marketing LEGEND (Ariane is beside herself that he’s coming!), author of countless books for artists, and contributing writer for Professional Artist and FASO, he knows so much about collectors it will make your head spin!

Deborah Ivanoff, PhD, MSC

Deborah Ivanoff, PhD, MSC

Reclaim Your Confidence ~Deborah Ivanoff, PhD, MSC

Having once faced financial ruin and the loss of her children, Deborah’s learned exactly how to reclaim her own power and connection to her inner authority. Knowing how inspiration delivers confident solutions, Deborah shows you ways to reconnect to your Inner Confidence and Guidance so you can expand your connection to buyers and collectors and increase changes for a sale.

Maria Brophy

Maria Brophy

Put deals together: A totally out of the box use of creativity! ~Maria Brophy

An art licensing agent for over a decade, she helped launch her artist husband’s career and now consults on art licensing and deal making, with the intention of helping artists gain confidence in their own business savvy. Maria will show you how to use your creativity for profit and promotion.

Barney Davey

Barney Davey

Boost Your Art Career: Using Publicity, Promotion and the Power of Self-Belief to Leverage Your Success ~Barney Davey

…your leading authority in fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art is here to show you the insider secrets for exploiting traditional media.

Corrine Cain

Corrine Cain

Looking Back: 7 Key Lessons from Dead Artists (Art Career Tips From an Appraiser’s Point of View) ~Corinne Cain

A qualified appraiser for the Southwest Region’s Source List, for the Internal Revenue Service, and for the Resolution Trust Corporation with over 20 years of as curator for the AP Fenderson collection of American Indian art, and member of the prestigious national women’s art group known as Art Table, Corinne has an unusual perspective about what living artists need to know that might never occur to them, since this is information that only comes to light in secondary markets after an artist dies.

Lori Woodward

Lori Woodward

How Artists Are Making $$ Right Now! ~Lori Woodward

Woodward has written art marketing articles for Fine Art Views’ online newsletter since 2007, and authored the chapter on artists’ websites in Calvin Goodman’s “Art Marketing Handbook for the 21st Century.” As a fine artist, she has sold her artwork since 1996 through a variety of venues, including commercial galleries in Maine, Cape Cod, and Tucson Arizona. An avid researcher, she has conduced dozens of interviews to get the latest scoop from artists and gallery owners on what’s working right now to bring in the money.

Alyson Stanfield

Alyson Stanfield

Unforgettable: 6 Actions to Guarantee Collectors Remember You ~Alyson Stanfield

…understands the value of building and maintaining strong relationships. As founder of and, and the author if I’d Rather Be in the Studio: The Artist’s No-Excuse Guide to Self-Promotion, Alyson will make sure you learn the No.1 way to impress collectors and create a trusted system that guarantees follow-up (the secret to all successful relationships).

Click here if you are ready to get started. … because this will put your career first, exactly where it needs to be.

Look at what happened when these artists made that commitment to put their careers first, then kept this promise to themselves and their art.

Starting Tonight I’m Taking Action!

"Rabbit Sink" (cover of Artist's Magazine)

“Thank You… Thank you…

This telesummit was fantastic for me. It carved and deepened my understanding of where I am going as an artist.

You being so commitment to what you do inspires me to stay on track with what I do, because we are a part of a greater whole. I feel your passion and drive to be excellent and to give us your best.

So I am keeping this excellence inside of me to help me through any and all rough edges. If you can give to this degree to do your part, by gosh I can do my part.

The part I had been missing was the marketing. Now I am going to address “this other side of the coin” and get my work out into the world where it belongs.

I’m holding my head a little higher and I’m going to pat the doubts down… and just step forward… Starting tonight I’m taking action!” ~Jade Moede

My Courage And Creativity Waned And My Art Suffered

China Moon

“I don’t know how to thank you for having put together the smARTist telesummit. I am a small foundation founder, and I put together an annual week-long Buddhist event each year, not nearly on the scale that you do, so I am well aware of the enormity of this achievement. Your heartfelt generosity of spirit and caring concern for artists is authentic, moving, and awe-inspiring.

Participation in the telesummit has caused me to reassess not only my art career, but my whole life, putting into perspective where or what phase I am in at this moment in my life and where I am going. It is an exciting way to begin a new year. I have not been so hopeful in a long time.

For the past two years I’ve been trying to develop my art creation into a self-sustaining business, exerting lots of energy and money, getting a little recognition, and only a trickle of income, at best. My courage and creativity waned and my art suffered. I was ill-equipped.

Now armed with this smARTist material, direction, and motivation, plus my new found determination, commitment and courage, I will venture forth and conquer all the windmills looming ahead.

I’m excited to open this new chapter in my life and in my art. I feel so privileged to have been able to participate in the telesummit. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ariane, and your incredible assistants, for the awesome work you have done. You are truly inspired!” ~ Peach Pair

Yes, I want this!

Here’s a list of what to expect.

PART 1: Propelling Your Art Career With Confidence Fuel

  • How to define and establish your value as an artist to the people who count
  • Why you must leverage your artistic integrity (and know when to keep quiet) to improve sales
  • Why you must leverage your artistic integrity (and know when to keep quiet) to improve sales


  • How to stop anxiety of rejection or judgment before it derails your art career
  • This technique will give you the bedrock mindset of a successful artist


  • Why you need to assess, manage, and increase your current level of confidence if you want to increase your sales
  • One simple tool that vaporizes any fear, and puts you in control before you speak to a potential collector or buyer
  • A step-by-step, confidence-building regime you can use as a game changer in all your business and marketing relationships

PART 2: Connecting With Collectors For More Sales

  • Why your collector base is your lifeline in a slow economy, and how to maximize its potential for sales
  • Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of 5 different communication platforms puts you in the driver’s seat with potential collectors
  • How to create a follow-up system with your collectors and buyers to establish trust and guarantee results
  • Why collectors walk away without buying, and what you can do about it


  • What is the #1 way to impress collectors and buyers so they walk out with one of your pieces
  • Which 2 rules for dealing successfully with collectors never fail
  • Why collecting contact information triples your chances of selling your work
  • What’s the No.1 method for nailing a sale at any show
  • How to turn clients into collectors (yes, there’s a diff!)


  • Why knowing the age of your collector increases your chances for making a sale
  • What collectors really want from artists (from the most current research by one of our speakers)
  • What’s the difference, for collectors, if you sell in a gallery or online, and how does this influence their perception of your work
  • Which 3 questions give you a successful foundation for all levels of communication with your collectors and buyers

PART 3: How Artists Are Making Money Right Now

  • Why editing your artwork is essential to sustaining a life-long career
  • Why failing to control the style and content of a commissioned piece can cause real damage to your art career
  • How to get sponsored by art companies so you get paid while you work


  • What two Galleries did to increase sales during 2011, which you can duplicate
  • How to set up coordinated, powerful, multifaceted promotional campaigns to drive collectors and buyers to your event (or online!)
  • Five ways to exploit traditional media so you double your PR advantage
  • How to put great deals together for your art with big name brands
  • The strategy that Artist Groups used to reap 100% of the profits from their guaranteed successful exhibitions


  • How smart artists maintained, and in some cases increased, their income during the recession to stay cash flow positive
  • The whole story of how one artist sold 100% of his small works… and then quit his day job
  • The surprising strategy 2 artists used to have their best sales year ever

And because we all want icing with our cake…

  • BONUS #1 – A 14-Week Follow-up Program (a $495 value)

    Making sure you have the right information is only half my job: helping you take action is the other half.

    One week after you’ve downloaded all the material for your “Home Study Edition,” I will send you the first of 14 follow-up newsletters to your inbox—one a week for 14 weeks, exactly the number of sessions in the conference.

    This Follow-up Program gives you a systematized way to organize, and to learn, all the smARTist material you will have heard over the 7-days.

    Each newsletter makes sure you:

    • “Fan the Flames”—with a summary of one session
    • “Catch Fire”—with a specific action step, or two, so you can experience immediate success
    • “Feast Your Eyes”—on a piece of artwork selected from this year’s participants (maybe one of yours!
  • BONUS #2 – A Complete Set of Written Transcripts (415 pages-an entire volume!)

    These transcripts are seriously gorgeous because we have a lovely artist transcribing for us who is sensitive to nuance and visual layout.

This is your chance to get a taste of what one of my private coaching clients described as this…

Jeanne BessetteJeanne BessetteBetter Focus. Less Overwhelm. More Confidence.

“Here is what I know I got from working with you, Ariane. Better focus on what I want, less overwhelm, more confidence and alignment with my purpose. I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and trust my intuition more. Lessons from you keep percolating, but these are the most obvious. Thank you.” ~Jeanne Bessette (recently on the cover of Art News)


Abundance is scooped from abundance
and still more Abundance remains.

-The Upanishad


This abundance of Art Career Materials & Bonus Goodies is waiting for you to pick them up. Just…Click here if you are ready to get started.

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Here’s everything that’s included in Your Collector Lifeline: How to Use Confidence, Connection, and Communication so They Buy Your Art

smARTist® Telesummit 2012 “Home-Study Edition”

What’s included…

Basic Premium
Day 1: MasterMind Panel Discussion #1
5 Art Career experts answer a dozen questions submitted by the artists who came to the live event.  1/90 min MP3 audio (a $95 value)
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Day 2: MasterMind Panel Discussion #2
5 more Art Career experts answer a 2nd set of 15 questions submitted by artists.  1/90 min MP3 audio (a $95 value)
Yes! Yes!
Day 3: Keynote Presentations
1 – Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist with Three Key Questions – Part 1
2 – Putting Deals Together: A totally out of the box use of creativity!
Yes! Yes!
Day 4: Keynote Presentations
1 – Boost Your Art Career: Using Publicity, Promotion and the Power of Self-Belief to Leverage Your Success
2 – The Secret to Artist Blog Success: How to Attract and Connect with Collectors
3 – Unforgettable: 6 Actions to Guarantee Collectors Remember You
3/60 min.MP3 audios (a $195 value)
Yes! Yes!
Day 5: Mid-week Special Panel on Collectors
1 – Mid-Week Special Panel: What Do Collectors Want?
2 – Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist with Three Key Questions – Part 2
3/60 min.MP3 audios (a $195 value)
Yes! Yes!
Day 6: Keynote Presentations
1 – Making and Keeping Collectors for a Lifetime
2 – Reclaim Your Confidence
3 – Looking Back: 7 Key Lessons from Dead Artists (Art Career Tips From an Appraiser’s Point of View)
3/60 min.MP3 audios (a $195 value)
Yes! Yes!
Day 7: Keynote Presentations
1 – How Artists Are Making $$ Right Now!
2 – WRAP UP: Define and Establish Your Value as an Artist with Three Key Questions – Part 3
2/60 min.MP3 audios (a $130 value)
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10 Speaker “Companion Handouts” one for each keynote speaker Yes! Yes!
Bonus #1
A unique, 15-Week Follow-Up eCourse

Featuring one speaker, per week, to help you “breeze with ease” through all of this material! (a $495 value)
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Bonus #2
Complete set of written transcripts for all 14 sessions

A total of 415 pages (that’s an entire volume!)

Most Savvy Art Career Decision I’ve Made

“Signing up for the smARTist Telesummit was one of the most savvy art career decisions I have made in a long time.

Listening to a diverse group of speakers on a variety of timely topics—when it was convenient to me—was especially helpful. I feel more focused and armed with resources to carry me forward.

Prior to the Telesummit I felt rather ambivalent and overwhelmed. Now having spent time visioning, planning, organizing and implementing, I think of it as a fun and challenging exercise where I get to craft the course of my art career.” ~ Christine Herman


Single Payment


Add to Cart

Single Payment


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2-Payments / 30 days apart

2 payments of 


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+ CD Box Set

Single Payment


Add a beautiful, boxed set of 15 CDs of the entire 7 days of the event.

$337+$65=$402 (plus S&H)

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Premium-2 Pay
+ CD Box Set

2-Payments / 30 days apart

Add a beautiful, boxed set of 15 CDs of the entire 7 days of the event. 

Cost of CDs+S&H on 1st payment

2 payments

$248.50 & $183.50 (plus S&H)

Add to Cart



A “Power Pack” Of Continuing Education


“Thank you Ariane, and to your wonderful team, for so much good information.

I just rechecked the smARTist Telesummit forum for any final bits of wisdom and copied the questions and answers (for the presenters sections) to add to my smARTist conference files.

I know I will refer back to the information as time allows or needs arise. Your smARTist telesummit has been a wonderful “power pack” of continuing education for me.”  ~Kathy Haydon

Your Investment Is Protected by My
Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that if you actively participate and apply the tools and methods provided by these art career experts, you’ll be delighted with the results. But I also understand this is a significant investment, and I want you to have peace of mind.

If you decide the smARTist Telesummit 2012 Home Study Edition isn’t what you expected,  I’ll return 100% of your investment up to 30 days after purchase.

If you learn just one strategy that will increase your art marketing success, the investment in your professional development will have paid for itself many times over.


Yes, I want this!

I Was Able To Get Over A Large Hurdle

Lunar Facade

“A heart felt thank you, to you and all of the speakers. The smARTist Telesummit was a wonderful opportunity to broaden my vision on the many ways to earn a living from my art.

Your spotlight on the spiritual side of creativity was so inspiring and thought provoking. I have a greater appreciation for what I do in terms of knowing its impact upon society.

I was able to get over a large hurdle in my art career as a result and will focus upon getting my art out there for others. It was a great week of inspiration!”  ~Kathy Besthorn




smARTist Is Addictive and the Info Invaluable

Wistful on a Lake Huron Afternoon

“I am a third year smARTist alumni and always manage to be amazed at how much can be learned year to year.

I find smARTist an excellent way to start of the New Year and I continue to be surprised at the information I hear from all the speakers that I can make use of.

I am surprised at how many artists I know who have never investigated the professional side of art. As a result they do the same thing every year, business wise, and somehow expect different results. smARTist is addictive and the info invaluable.” ~ Christine Montague

I find this smARTist Telesummit pretty addictive myself. As much as I know, every year I learn not just from my speakers, but from the artists who come and teach me things I’d never know any other way!

And each year I think, “This year’s speakers are the BEST!”  And each year they surprise me with their warmth and wit and wisdom. We’ve worked hard to put together a program that will give you that extra boost you so deserve.

It’s a deep honor to have this chance to serve you directly. Nothing is more important than helping you inspire this precious world of ours with your art.

Yes, I want this!


Wishing you a heartfelt and wise decision,

Ariane Goodwin
Ariane's signature

P.S. If this program –  Your Collector Lifeline: How to Use Confidence, Connection, and Communication so They Buy Your Art – speaks to you, remember that you have my 100% money-back guarantee for peace of mind. So there’s no risk for you, and you have a chance to reap the same benefits you see on this page from your artist colleagues.

P.P.S. If you need this conference, and are hesitating, check out the audio box where a smARTist Alumni spontaneously interrupted me during a FAQ I held. It’s pretty clear that her commitment to her career reaped immediate benefits. (go ahead, take a listen)

Another artist surprises Ariane:
I was barely over my surprise from Cheryl’s comments when this happened…Another Artist Speaks Out! (It’s short, only 2 mins.) 

Yes, I want this!


I know that you need the right information to make a smart and heartfelt decision about moving your art career forward.

Ask me any question about this Home Study Edition.

Be sure to “whitelist” (i.e., add to your address book!) my email address so you get my reply –>

River Seasons

I Am Learning Even More

Thank you so much for putting all of this together—again! I learned a ton last year (and am still listening to the CD’s) and I am learning even more this year. 

Thank you for sustaining the creative energy in artistic professional practice!

~Josephine A Geiger

Yes, I want this!