Isn’t It Time to Bridge the Gap

Between Making Art and Making a Living?

Ariane Goodwin

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Making art is deeply intimate, and offering it to the world is a vulnerable and courageous act.

It’s not just that you love what you do, it’s that what you do is so intricately connected with your identity.

As one artist recently emailed me, “FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM LOVING WHAT I DO AND WHO I AM.”

He was shouting it out in all caps, a testament to the powerful feelings that making your art can unleash.

And then, he asked this critical question: “HOW CAN I SUSTAIN THAT FEELING?”

Oh my, yes… How can you sustain that feeling, especially…

  • – When you feel the urgency to make a living
  • – When confusion fogs up the windshield: How do I do this?
  • – When fear knocks on your door: Is it really possible?
  • – And when frustration flies at you: I keep trying things, but it feels so hit and miss.

So, what’s going to take care of these hot buttons of confusion, fear, frustration, and urgency?

From my own experience—because I too have tangled with these dragons—the one thing that really works is building a sustainable bridge over the gap between doing what you love, and living a life you love.

The arc of this bridge is simple: making sales. It’s Going After Profit (GAP). It’s bringing home the money.

And of course, the arc of any bridge is made up of different structural components that fit together, piece by piece, until the bridge stretches from one side to the other.

The question then becomes, what are those pieces?

The dirty secret, here, is that the majority of artists only dream about one piece of this bridge: gallery representation.

But, in this day and age, one stream of income is just not enough—even for artists who know how to work the gallery route.

Imagining that a gallery will be your golden egg, or silver bullet, especially in the last couple of years when galleries come and go like New England weather… well, that’s like putting all your eggs in one basket and flinging it to the ground.

If not galleries, what then?

I am so glad you asked!

I intentionally designed this all new, 5th annual smARTist Telesummit so you could learn from 13 leading art-career authorities and successful artists how to diversify your streams of income—and not put all your eggs in one basketto make sure you make a living as soon as possible.

The key is to know and understand your options.

You have to educate yourself about the different streams of income out there, before you can assess which ones are right for you and your art.

And this is exactly what this conference is designed to do.

The smARTist Telesummit is designed to help you raise your work a notch higher than just a business…

…so the value of what you do is immediately clear to your buyers and collectors.

I grew up in a family of artists, surrounded by the Big Sur, California world of artists. My entire world was filled with creative people bringing play and fun, beauty and meaning into the world through their art.

From an early age I was filled with a deep love and respect for anyone who dared to share their whole creative soul with the world. And to this very day, it fills me with a deep satisfaction and feeling of aliveness to open doorways for artists to walk through, carrying their visions into the everyday lives of all of us.

And because I value so deeply what you do, I want others to value it also. I want your work to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any other professional career in our culture.

Of course, what really matters is that you value what you do. When you stand behind your art and support it, then your art will support you. It’s just the way it works.

When you dare to call making art a “career,” that immediately raises the bar—for there are two crucial distinctions that separate a career from a business.

The first one comes naturally to most artists. Now it’s time for the second one to stand up and be counted—by you:

1. The sense of a Higher Calling, which embraces business as a tool, but is not limited or defined by business parameters

2. Professional Development, where you learn the latest ideas and best strategies for your career—the hallmark of all serious professionals

Introducing the
5th Annual
smARTist® Telesummit 2011!

Where you come and learn from 13 leading art career authorities, and successful artists, exactly what it takes to diversify your streams of income so you can successfully bridge the gap between making art and making a living.

For 7 energizing days it’s all about you and your art. (High time, don’t you think?)

Forget the rest of the world as you zero in on your art career and immerse yourself in professional information and connections that will move you forward in 2011.

And remember, this professional development, art career conference only happens once a year.

January 13/14 (2 MasterMind Panel Days)

January 17-21 (5 days with 13 Keynote speakers)

All recorded and transcribed, so even if you have a day job, you can access everything.

Speaking of learning and professional development…

Let me share with you some of the smARTist alumni who learned nitty gritty ways to move their art career forward. Take a look at what they have to say.

Enriching, stimulating and well organized…

Louise JalbertLouise JalbertThe first thing I want to do is THANK YOU, Ariane, for this extraordinary week; so enriching, stimulating and well organized!

I do feel sorry it is already over!

The forum was a new thing for me, a bit awkward at first, but I am enjoying the discussions and how it introduces us to each other in a casual way—a great way to network, as Jane put it.

Thank you for keeping all of this up for a while, as it will be great support and fun for everyone, I am sure—as will your 15-week, follow-up program. As I was listening to the speakers, I started to a sketch a plan for 1 year, 2 years and 5, which I will define more next week.

So merci beaucoup for your energy, and the time it took to bring it all together. (Do you hear a French accent here?) —Louise Jalbert

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What would change if you had sustainable options and an actionable plan for years 1 through 5 for your art career?

And even if you already have some of these options in place, how much more could you do knowing the latest developments-since the Online Universe keeps expanding-infinitely.

This is professional training from the best…

Jen BarbatiJen BarbatiIsn’t it amazing how fast a year can fly by? This is my 2nd year with smARTist.

And here I am again, as a professional, developing another intention, another goal. Ready for another year.

Simple as that.

Coming to the conference is a serious commitment that I hold myself accountable to. Any extra time spent with coaching, questions & answers, or just revisiting the presentation topics is well spent.

This is professional training from the best and I can’t think of a better way to start the New Year! —Jen Barbati

I know you can’t afford to take chances with your artist’s budget, which is why I’ve gone to such lengths to get you the best.

I persuaded 13 mastery-level authorities and successful artists to come together for the smARTist Telesummit 2011—so you can access their wealth of wisdom at a price that makes sense.

Ponder this:

Just one session, with each of these 13 speakers, at a consulting rate of $250 pr hr (and that’s low ball for some of these speakers who command $350 and up) would cost thousands of dollars.

Every year the “experts,” and professional artists who know the going price for professional development, tell me that the registration fee is crazy low because this entire 7 days with 13 Speakers costs less than most 2-day workshops with one speaker.

…. it’s the Big Picture art-career advice, in one place, saving you hours, if not days, that it would take to hunt down all of this information on your own.

It’s designed for any discipline or craft: 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, multi-media, or digital.

It only comes once a year: which means you can immerse yourself in a focused learning environment.

For far, far less than you spend on art supplies. And let’s face it, you can spend all you want on art supplies, but if you aren’t supplying your career too, then your vision will never get in front of the people who need to see it.

And if they can’t see it, then they can’t buy it. And if they can’t buy it, then your art collects little armored dust mites instead of inspiring the rest of us.

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Enough with the “reasonable” reasons, what about the 13 stars of this show?

Barbara Markoff
Barbara Markoff

Barbara Markoff

…a corporate art consultant for over 30 years, Barbara will let you in on what she knows best: Selling Your Art To Corporations—Demystified!

Daniel Grant
Daniel Grant

Daniel Grant

…contributing editor of American Artist magazine and lecturer on artists’ career development at Yale School of Art, Amherst College, and Smith College – Dan knows a lot about how to: Take Charge, Skip the Galleries, and Sell Your Art Directly.

Constance Mettler
Constance Mettler

Constance Mettler

…publisher of the #1 Google-rated web site for art fairs, and the only online calendar listing the nation’s top events, Connie will guide you towards: More Patrons Than You Ever Dreamed Of—Learn The Secrets Of Being Successful At The Nation’s Juried Fine Art Fairs.

Jeffrey Lipsky
Jeffrey Lipsky

Jeffrey Lipsky

… an artist featured in numerous publications (the New York Times Magazine and Art Calendar Magazine for starters), has successfully ventured into an online virtual world that is a complete culture unto itself, and he’s ready to tell you how to Get A Second Life! …and Another Stream Of Income.

Jodi Walsh
Jodi Walsh

Jodi Walsh

… another successful artist who has marketed her own work for 30 years, and is the creator of The 12 STEP Program for Artists: The Art of Doing Business. Jodi will open up a whole new world for you with all she knows about: Vertical Markets: Become a REVENUE GENERATING Artist!

Jason Horejs
Jason Horejs

Jason Horejs

…a booming gallery owner and author of ‘Starving’ to Successful: How to Find & Keep the Right Gallery for Your Work-at any stage of your career! wants to teach you how to Sell Like a Pro—Inside Tips from a Gallery Owner on the Delicate Process of Turning “Tire Kickers” into Collectors.

Tara Reed
Tara Reed

Tara Reed

…who has licensed art worldwide since 2004, and began teaching other artists through her ArtLicensingInfo website since 2008, is giving you the most up-to-date scoop on Art Licensing: Learn to Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk and Get Paid Multiple Times for the Same Art!

Molly Gordon
Molly Gordon

Molly Gordon

…a business coach, with the soul of an artist, who runs the sassy site,, has gone all out talking to gallery owners, successful artists, and researching (at the level of a graduate course) all there is to know about Art Pricing Secrets: How To Set, Negotiate, And Raise Your Prices For Maximum Impact Throughout Your Career.

Daniel Tardent
Daniel Tardent

Daniel Tardent

…co-founder and COO of Beautiful Artist Websites and Espresso Artist Websites, who also writes for Art Marketing Secrets, and is the author of The Artist SEO Success System is ready to Transform Your Website Into the Art-Marketing Machine You’ve Dreamed About!

Stanley John Bowman
Stanley John Bowman

Stanley John Bowman

…a full time professional artist, and fine art print publisher of giclees, who previously taught photography and digital imaging at Cornell University for 28 years, will give you everything you must know about Giclee Printing: The New Frontier For Artists.

Barney Davey

Barney Davey

Barney Davey

…your leading authority in the fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art is here to tell you how to Discover Success in the 2011 Giclee Print Market.

Lori McNee
Lori McNee

Lori McNee

…yet another successful artist, has tapped into Social Media, been featured in the Huffington Post, named in the “Top 10 Up and Coming Women Bloggers,” ranked as~one of the~”Most Influential Artists” on Twitter and one of “The Top 100 Most Powerful Women on Twitter.” I suggest you pay close attention when she tells you how to Sell Yourself, Sell Your Art: With a Social Media Blueprint for Artists.

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.
Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

…art career coach, author of Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work, and creator of this one-and-only, professional development, art career conference is going to let you in on The Three “C”ecrets of a Successful Art Career: Courage. Commitment. Completion.

With all these amazing people ready to connect with you for 7 days, all you need is a simple shift…

…a promise to put your career first, and a commitment to keep that promise.

Look at what happened when these artists made that commitment to put their careers first, then kept this promise to themselves and their art.

A real sense of belonging has come over me with this group.

Tom HlasTom HlasAriane, I’m so glad I registered for the Telesummit. What a wonderful experience… to have all this expertise and wisdom available to me “live” without having to leave home.

I have to admit, a bit of sadness has hit me this morning as I realize this afternoon is our last day of sessions. I’ve enjoyed the time I’ve spent with everyone on the Forum.

I’m going to miss running around like crazy to be sure I clear the time to not miss the opening remarks of each session. A real sense of belonging has come over me with this group.

And that’s something I’ve been missing as I work day in and day out to create and market my work. I hope the magic of belonging continues. —Tom Hlas

My advice about smARTist: Take the investment seriously if you signup.

Micheal Lynn AdamsThe smARTist Telesummit gave me the information boost I needed to put my art career on the right track.

The results:

  • A very fine gallery in Florida contacted me through my social media gate to represent my work and offered me a one-person show.
  • I have had several sales through that gallery and through another Gallery in San Antonio, TX
  • I have had sales directly from my eNewsletter
  • Within a short time of being on Facebook, I gathered 2500 fans and over 4500 friends.
  • A huge benefit to all of this is that I have met and had conversations with some of the top artists in the country and can now count them as true friends.

I attribute most of these results to following the advice and catching the enthusiasm of the smARTist presentations, as well as paying close attention to the advice of my friend Alyson Stanfield.

My advice about smARTist: Take the investment seriously if you signup.

Not everything presented will apply directly to you, but the material that does should be studied and, more importantly, acted upon. —Micheal Lynn Adams

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Here are just *some* of the professional development topics we’ll cover over 7 days.

Ask yourself: What would change for you, if you knew…

  • The six ways that top visual artists succeed at diversifying their income
  • How to control your own distribution channels so you can put more money in your pocket
  • Why Social Media is the perfect place to buzz your brand, and sell your art
  • The two things you must do, when pricing your work, to exponentially increase your chances for a sale
  • Which strategies galleries use to sell to their collectors, and how you can too
  • The three things you absolutely must say during the course of a conversation with a potential art buyer
  • How to identify the best online, art retail partners, to sell your art for you
  • The best ways to show and sell your work in 9 different venues
  • How to evaluate markets and venues as a business decision, and how this fits into your overall art-career strategy
  • How to identify market opportunities that will increase your audience & potential customers
  • How to recognize which non-traditional markets will fit your work perfectly
  • How digital imaging and printing has opened up new possibilities for artists to generate substantial revenue
  • A dozen tips on how to successfully create and market your own high quality giclee prints
  • How to evaluate art fairs and fine craft shows, including the best strategies for applying and getting into them
  • Seven key mindsets for success and happiness in art licensing, and how to make money licensing your art
  • How to understand the corporate art market, and what kind of artwork compels corporate decision makers to buy
  • The three things you should never say to a potential buyer
  • How “Second Life” works, and what this means for you as an artist
  • Which presentation mistakes will kick you out of the running, no matter how good your artwork is
  • How to smoothly and simply move a collector to the credit card machine
  • How to attract new visitors, build relationships with collectors, and sell your art with this simple, proven, website marketing formula
  • How to wow visitors on your website with critical design factors, which transform Web surfers into collectors
  • Everything you need to know about SEO and how to use it to your advantage
  • Five eye-opening stats and reasons why Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are the new business foundation artists must have
  • How to frame yourself on social media with an image/brand identity that works, so you can attract followers and stand out from the crowd
  • The two biggest mistakes that artists make with social media
  • and so much more it’s just plain staggering… (the original list was 3 times this long, but I just knew you wouldn’t keep reading 😉 )

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This is definitely a “3-E” event. (Everything Exceeds Expectations!)

Wm. Kelly BaileyWm. Kelly BaileyIt has been with the utmost amazement that I have been listening to the various panelists and speakers here on the smARTist Telesummit. The depth and breadth of their individual and collective wisdom is truly astounding!

I cannot even begin to calculate how much time and effort they are saving us, since their knowledge is hard won through years of trial and error, experiences good and bad, perhaps even “blood, sweat and tears”… and here they are gladly and generously opening up their hearts and sharing the benefits of all that with us. I look forward to listening again and again to the recorded sessions… it seems like I hear something new each time!

My hand crampeth and my notebook runneth over! “Thank you!” from the deepest recesses of my “heart of hearts” … both to you and your fantastic experts! —Wm. Kelly Bailey

The artists who came before have used the smARTist conference to achieve what Oliver Wendell Holmes has immortalized:

A human mind, once stretched to a new idea,
never returns to its former dimensions.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Isn’t it time you stretched your art career
into dimensions of greater success? You can.

Yes, I want to stretch

Okay, so what do I get?

This 7-Day Event Includes…

  • 15 Professional Art-Career Sessions. A complete development conference in the comfort of your home: 2 days of MasterMind Panel Discussions, where the speakers discuss your questions and stories. (You get multiple points of view on a single issue.) Then 5 more days with 13 Keynote Presentations, covering the widest range of art career topics anywhere, online or off—all in one place!
  • Live access to 13 leading art-career authorities. This is your chance to ask your most pressing questions – before and during the conference.
  • More visibility for your art. After you register, you can upload your profile, with images of artwork, and then link to this page from your website and blog. Besides giving you more inbound links (which search engines love), you can share this page with posts and tweets to your social media community.
  • Community Connections–because other artists are your greatest resource. After you register, you have access to the smARTist Forum, where you can swap tales of success or horror stories with other artists. Share problems, ask for peer help, offer your help, break the solitude and be part of a community of creative professionals. This one area could be worth more than the whole conference if it leads to just one important connection for your art and your career.
  • Listen anytime, anywhere, with our online Audio (MP3) Access. Listen at your convenience. If you can’t make the live sessions, if you have a day job – no problem. You have 24/7 access to all the recordings that we upload from each day’s sessions. Click on a link to listen, or save the audio recordings (MP3) to your computer or iPod. You can even burn your own CDs. NOTE: Do you have dial-up? Don’t worry, because you also get an entire boxed set of CDs.
  • A Beautifully Boxed Set of Audio CDs in the mail. Receive the entire 7 days on a lovely set of audio CDs to listen to in your car, your studio, on any CD player for as long as you need. BONUS: We’ll even pay for shipping!

The marketing ideas are helpful across the board.

Sheila FinkelsteinI had a huge concern that this conference would not be a good fit because I’m not focused on selling my art in galleries and to collectors.

But after yesterday’s first panel session, I see that the marketing ideas are helpful across the board. I am excited because I’ve participated in many, many courses and it’s wonderful this time to be among people who are concerned about focusing on their art careers.

I doubt that I would be where I am with regard to my new DVD, web sites, and earning affiliate sales without smARTist.Sheila Finkelstein

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And, as if this wasn’t already enough, here’s the icing to go with your cake.

  • BONUS #1

    Your “Stay-on-Track” Workbook (a $114 value)

    In previous conferences, I only offered this for the Platinum level participants. When I kept hearing how helpful it was, I realized that everyone who registers needs these worksheets so you can organize the material for your specific art-career needs right out of the gate.

    With a doctorate in creativity and human development, I understand the importance of designing exercises that are developmentally organized for right-brained, creative professionals.

    Your “Stay-on-Track” Workbook comes in 3 sections:

    • Part 1: Assess Your Art Career
      Shows you how to identify the holes in your art career, so you can match up ideas, from each expert presentation, to fill in those holes, then…
    • Part 2: Set Your Intentions
      Gives you ways to clarify intentions and specific outcomes connected to each idea so you can…
    • Part 3: Take Action
      Identify which project is most vital to your art-career, and create a simple, step-by-step action plan with clear deadlines

    At the end, you will have a long-term blueprint for getting all future projects off the ground and flying—no excuses.

Lanie FrickLanie Frick

It Works!

I am a returning smARTist alumni. After a year of chipping away at the information stone, I felt ready to take the Stay-On-Track challenge. I was amazed at how smoothly it went. I have my Stay-On-Track worksheets finished well ahead of the deadline and a real plan is forming. I’ve already started on some of the projects that needed attention.

I wanted to use the Stay-On-Track program to see if I could have a better, more focused plan this year. It works! I have sorted out where the stumbling blocks are in my art career, figured out how to fix them and come up with a clear plan to enhance my art career goals. Now when I pick up the art career reins, I’ll know which direction to ride. —Lanie Frick

  • BONUS #2 A Lifetime Discount to all future smARTist® Telesummits (a savings of more than $370 over the next 3 years alone)

    Loyalty is a value that’s high on my list. I automatically put every artist who registers for this 2011 Telesummit into the smARTist Alumni Discount Program – from here on.

    After you register for this year, 2011, you will get a 25% Lifetime Discount for all future Live Telesummits. P.S. Bonus #3 offer is only valid for returning smARTist Alumni

  • BONUS #3 Access to art career coach Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. on the smARTist Forum (up to $1057 value)

    My time is incredibly committed these days, and my private coaching practice is full, but I’m all yours for the week of, and the week after, the conference.

  • BONUS #4 A 15-Week Follow-up Program (a $495 value)

    Making sure you have the right information is only half my job: helping you take action is the other half.

    One week after the conference, I will send you the first of 15 follow-up newsletters to your inbox—one a week for 15 weeks, exactly the number of sessions in the conference.

    This Follow-up Program gives you a systematized way to organize, and to learn, all the smARTist material you will have heard over the 7-days.

    Each newsletter makes sure you:

    • “Fan the Flames”—with a summary of one session
    • “Catch Fire”—with a specific action step, or two, so you can experience immediate success
    • “Feast Your Eyes”—on a piece of artwork selected from this year’s participants (maybe one of yours!)


    Abundance is scooped from abundance
    and still more Abundance remains.

    -The Upanishad


This abundance of Art Career Materials & Bonus Goodies

is waving at you—YahOO, over here!—waiting for you to pick them up. Just…

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Would you like to attend this conference for free?

Right after you register, we’ll send you a link to become a smARTist Affiliate.

Where you can earn 30% in referral commissions from everyone who clicks your unique affiliate link and registers.

After 3 paid referrals, your registration for the Conference is 100% free. With 4 paid referrals, you start earning money.

And even if you decide not to refer others, applying just a small portion of what you learn here is an investment that will “pay” you back 10 to 20 times over in the coming year.

And remember, registered seats are limited this year.

I am determined to keep a high quality of interaction between you and the speakers, and 500 is the maximum that my small, loyal staff can handle and still maintain the depth and richness of connection that I value so much.

I’m not big on statistics, and numbers usually make my toes curl, however, going into this fifth year, I discovered that I now have a total of 42 past and present keynote speakers whose combined lists total over 250,000. (Yup, made me blink twice too.)

Not to mention the hundreds of art organizations that hear about us, with thousands of members.

Once the 500 seats are filled, we’ll set up a first-come, first-served wait list.

So, if getting the live juice is what helps motivate and inspire you to create lasting change for your art career, waiting until the last minute is probably not your best option.

smARTist® Telesummit 2011
What’s Included…
COME TO 2 MASTER-MIND PANEL DAYS with the Speakers Yes!
Have a day job? Missed a live presentation? It’s all recorded so you miss nothing.
A Vision Questionnaire, Event Calendar, Speaker Recommended Books Page, Alumni Lounge, Participants Profiles & Artwork, Community, Stay-on-Track Program
NOTE from Ariane: Each year, these forum posts blow me away. Artists share freely and openly, everything from real-life experiences, information, and techniques, to resources. It is a lively, exciting encyclopedia of information, beyond the speakers, where I mine for gold. I promise, you will too.

  • ENJOY BONUSES (valued at $2,245)

#1 BONUS—Your Stay-on-Track Workbook so you can organize the material as you hear it. Yes!
#2 BONUS—Your Lifetime 25% Alumni Discount for all future smARTist Telesummits Yes!
#3 BONUS—7-Day Access to Art Career Coach, Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D., on the smARTist Forum, where you can ask your most pressing questions day or night. We swear, she doesn’t sleep. Yes!
#4 BONUS—15-Week Follow-Up Program – Helps you manage the information and take appropriate action even after the conference is over. Yes!
HAVE a BEAUTIFULLY BOXED SET of AUDIO CDS, the Entire Conference – shipped free to your door!—Get the entire 7 days and 15 Sessions on a set of audio CDs. We even pay for shipping! Yes!
Biggest Savings > Single payment Yes, I want immediate access to the conference.

Alumni Only: Click the alumni button for your special registration ->


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Yes, I want the convenience of 2 equal payments 30 days apart.

Alumni Only: Click the alumni button for your special registration ->

2 payments of $265 ea.

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3-PAY PLAN ENDS DEC 21 Yes, I want the convenience of 3 equal payments 30 days apart.

Alumni only special registration is not available for the 3-pay plan.

3 payments of $180 ea.
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I was so afraid of spending the money…

16-Crop_Cherie-GramppI am absolutely LOVING the smARTist Telesummit. I was so afraid of spending the money with the economy declining, (I am my only support) but I did it and I am just so pleased.

I am getting so many ideas as I listen to the lessons in my car and at home, until it all really sinks in. Thank you so much. It was money really well spent! —Cherie Grampp

Your Investment Is Protected by a Money-Back Guarantee

I’m confident that if you actively participate and apply the tools and methods provided by these art career experts, you’ll be delighted with the results. But I also understand this is a significant investment, and I want you to have peace of mind.

So if you decide the smARTist Telesummit 2011 isn’t what you expected, email me by February 14, 2011, let me know where we fell short and I’ll return 100% of your money.

Yes I want to come

I was a complete skeptic.

John NordellJohn-NordellBelieve me, at first I was a complete skeptic about the value of the smARTist Telesummit.

But there have been so many changes in my art career since attending last year!

One change is about the material that I teach my photography students. I have used the ideas, and shown the websites, of at least 5 smARTist speakers. On my own website, instead of a “contact” button, the button says, “Join the mailing list.”

I spent some time in NYC last summer investigating the gallery scene and realized that I am an image generator, not a marketer, schmoozer, etc. This insight combined with the talk of corporate art dealers from smARTist, led me to my current contract negotiations with a major corporate art player.

I could go on and on. The depth and breadth of smARTist is astonishing. And, I just sent you a check today for January’s Telesummit. —John Nordell

Like John Nordell, new growth and lasting change starts right here when you…
take charge of making a living in the same way that you make art—valuing it enough to invest your time, your money, and your love.

Since this is exactly how you value the making art side of your life, it means you already have an inner blueprint just waiting to spring to life on the making a living side.

What you need now is a strong, sustainable bridge that crosses over the gap that has kept you from the success you desire for too long. Come to smARTist 2011 and we’ll make sure you get the right tools and instructions to build a bridge that will put the Golden Gate to shame.

Wishing you a heartfelt and wise decision,

Ariane Goodwin
Ariane's signature

P.S. One reason you may want to register right away: With only 500 seats available this year, if this conference speaks to you, I don’t recommend waiting around to jump in. Remember, you have my 100% money-back guarantee for peace of mind, so there’s no risk, and the chance for a huge gain.

P.S.S. If you need this conference, and are hesitating, check out this video a smARTist Alumni spontaneously sent me. It’s pretty clear that Amadea went for courage and commitment and not business as usual. I invite you to do the same and register before the seats are all taken.

Yes I want to come


I know that you need the right information to make a smart and heartfelt decision about moving your art career forward.

Ask me any question about this conference.

Be sure to whitelist my email address so get my reply >