Website Rescue Session: Review, Renew, & Recommend

Have you ever wondered why your artist website isn’t bringing in the sales you want and deserve? Do your friends and family love it, but what you want are collectors, buyers and galleries?

Have you settled for the “glorified portfolio” version of an artist’s website, all the while sensing a huge, untapped potential just dying to get your attention?

You’d be amazed how many simple tweaks will turn “just another portfolio” website into a behind-the-scenes, pro-active marketing machine. And how simple it is, with the increasing ease of new technology, to manage your own website – as easy as typing on your keyboard.

The problem is – most artists don’t have a clue about what to do after they snag a domain name and upload images of their work.

Why? Because the Old World portfolio model remains dominant in most artist’s minds (and sadly enough, in most dealer’s minds too) and the real marketing advantages a website can give you goes begging– which breaks my heart.

Hi, I’m Ariane of smARTist,

You know, I absolutely cringe when I come to an artist’s website where the artwork is dominated by the design (hint: a “creative” website steals the limelight from your artwork and dilutes the impact of your vision), or falls victim to the myth that “my art speaks for itself.”

In both cases, it’s your visitor who loses because they don’t have a clue what to do after looking at your images, so they click away never to be heard from again. (Which means you lose and your art loses.)

The good news, I’ve finally figured out a way to deliver you the website your art deserves.

With a single 90-minute “Website Rescue Session” we can make over your website, from top to toe, so you aren’t missing any of the critical elements that spell the difference between selling your art or just showing off your art.

There’s just one catch: I’ve only have time for 7 of these 90-minute sessions right now.

One of the things I love the most is working one-on-one with artists. However, once my newest baby, the Successful Artist Circle membership program, kicks into gear, I have to wind down my private coaching sessions until fall. (*pout*)

Then I had this brainstorm that I could offer a limited number of individual coaching sessions around a single critical issue: artist websites, which is one of my biggest passions – saving you from wasting time and money on a site that isn’t the gorgeous work horse you need.

And because I’m only opening up a limited number of spots for a limited time–7, exactly, with my tight schedule, I’ve kept it very simple…for your sake and mine!

Here’s the break down:

First, I’ll Review your current site to…

  • Identify which goal will move your art career forward the fastest, and how to integrate this into your website
  • Decide which design elements signal “trust-ability” – and why this is key to any successful website
  • Eliminate the five worst things that will turn off your buyers and collectors
  • Identify what to keep and what to toss – based on the most current knowledge about how all people actually use and respond to websites (artist’s websites, in spite of the uniqueness of the art, are still subject to what I call “the laws of gravity” – online and off.)

Next, I’ll show you how to Renew the elements you already have to…

  • Make sure your art takes center stage on every single page
  • Make sure your design, text, and navigation reflect your website goals – for example, if you sell principally from galleries those elements are substantially different from directing visitors to buy online
  • Make sure everything is easy-on-the-eyes with readable web pages, immediately accessible information, and a font size large enough for your audience (Baby Boomers need larger print and have more money to spend: hmmm… could there be a correlation here?)
  • Make sure galleries (if that’s your market) immediately see that you are a dependable partner in helping them sell your art
  • Be sure that all your navigation is crystal clear and intuitive to your visitors so they don’t get frustrated and leave (research says that you have 3 to 9 seconds before people click away, never to darken your virtual doorway again…)

And then, I’ll Recommend strategies for…

  • How you direct your visitors to where you want them to go, and what you want them to do, without losing their sense of free will
  • The best way to guarantee people will sign up for your mailing list-so you have the option of staying in touch
  • How to coordinate good design with good marketing, so you can easily maximize the effectiveness of your website
  • How to establish lasting credibility with the same strategy that all smart website owners use – yet artists consistently neglect
  • How to be sure you can follow-up, and stay in touch, with everyone who comes to your website–the single most important step in selling your work
  • Making sure that contacting you is a breeze
  • Making sure that ordering from you is a snap
  • Deciding which technical capabilities you need (or not!) , i.e., shopping carts, credit card capture, etc.
  • The easiest way to maintain your site by yourself – freeing you from the handcuffs of an ongoing, expensive web designer

I’m making this super easy to get going – that way I get my one-on-one coaching fix and you get a beautifully smooth, marketing website that’s a pleasure to run.


The Dress She Wore on Her Date with Picasso

An investment in coaching with Ariane is an investment in myself…

Six months ago I entered the world as a full time artist, optimistic and completely naive. I started with no knowledge of what to do.

Fortunately for me, in my second month as a full time artist I found Ariane. What a gift that turned out to be. Priceless! The range of topics we covered was, and still is, amazing to me. What makes up a good website and why should I put my artist statement on it?  What’s a descriptive sentence, tagline, and the value of marketing?  What’s the value of a compelling title for your art?

As a wife and mom I am busy, and having Ariane there kept me focused and enabled me to accomplish so much more than if I had tried going it alone. Ariane’s skill level was always there—on all levels.

I will be able to draw on the knowledge that she has given me for the rest of my art career. An investment in coaching with Ariane is an investment in myself. I am worth it and the payoffs are huge!! —Sarah Ballinger

I only have room in my schedule for a total of 5 places before setting up the membership training program for the Successful Artist Circle takes over my life.

So, here’s how it works:

First, you and I will have a 90-minute, private coaching session – on the phone and recorded – where I’ll review, renew, and recommend all you’ll need to tune-up your current website OR, even start one from scratch.

This will be an intense, no frills hour and a half where we will both roll up our sleeves and dive in. And if we should need a bit more time – hey, whose counting?

And then, as my buddy Molly Gordon says, since cake is always better with icing, I’ve pulled together 2 Bonuses.

You can download the first bonus right away, so you can get going even before our private session:

BONUS #1: 21 Website Details Every Artist Must Know

  • This handy PDF is instantly accessible after you sign up. Once you download it, just go through all 21 Details and match them up with your current website. This will help you prepare for our intensive Website Rescue coaching session.

BONUS #2: Two Weeks of Unlimited Email Access to Me

  • I had to do hand-to-hand combat with my marketing coach to put this bonus up. She thought it was overkill knowing how much material I was planning to cover in the coaching session. But I held fast. For me, follow-up is key to implementation. I’m sure questions will come up after we talk and I want to you to know that I’m there for you all the way – that we’ll leave no stone unturned for what will be a super-duper website that finally works the way it’s supposed to.

You may go ahead and ask me every single thing that flies into your head after our session. I promise to turn around a response within 72 hours! (Well… I won’t guarantee weekends, though anyone who knows me isn’t surprised when they see an email, or a tweet, from me at 2 am on a Sunday morning.. 🙂 )

There you have it: a rare chance to get me all to yourself before the deluge of organization and promotion for the Successful Artist Circle joyfully takes over my life.

Regular price $1243

For the first 7 registrations only – 40% off, or just $743

P.S. Oops – almost forgot my no-risk-at-all, plain vanilla guarantee. I promise, if you are not 100% thrilled with any aspect of our work together, just let me know within 6 months after our session and I’ll make sure you get every penny you invested back immediately.

The most important thing here is that you end up with a website that helps you move your career forward. I won’t settle for anything less – and I don’t expect you to either.

—————-One more happy artist—————
This was beyond all expectations, beyond my wildest dreams.

Stony Bay

With your fantastic indepth knowledge about what it takes to make an effective web site, I gained great insight into how to make my website tailored to being an artist. You are able to pull together the different elements a website needs.

But what really amazed me, was that I came to you for web coaching and came away with a life changing experience. Not only did you expertly coach me on my website, but you also helped me define who I am as an artist. This would be the single most valuable thing I have done this year!

This session for me was a turning point in my life and my art career.  You can’t get any better than that! “Thank you” seems totally inadequate. ~Kadira Jennings