Emerging and Mid-Career Artists,groupsmall60

Wouldn’t it be delicious if your art career stayed strong in any economy?

Being an artist is one of the most soul-satisfying things you do. So why can’t you ride that studio high right into making a living from it?

I know you are smart, that your art is worthy, and that you dream of a time when your art is all you do from the time you get up until someone rings that dinner bell (or you have to make it yourself).

But when do you have time to sit down and plan… everything keeps moving so fast?

I know you are trying as hard as you can to figure it all out.

You write lists and goals, and more lists, listen to webinars and telecalls,  but you can’t see the whole picture, where it’s really going…

When it’s all just too much

Some days you feel like you’re wrestling a giant octopus.  Just when you think you’ve got the website nailed, they tell you to blog.

Just as you’re dreaming of hiding out in your studio, they tell you that sales happen most often when artists talks to collectors– (and say, what, exactly?)

You get one piece figured out and another one pops us… and more of your precious studio time slides away.

Even so, I know you’ve been working hard to pull it together, to get the information you need intelligently lined up.

But when you look at the marketing programs out there – well, it just adds to the confusion, because their suggestions don’t make sense for what you know about the art world–and you worry about the professional missteps that will make it all even harder.

You’re absolutely right

Being professional, at the starting gate, is part of the famous “First Impressions” that can propel success forward. Only most marketing and business programs, especially online, aren’t structured for the sometimes wacky way the art world plays.

The fact is, there is information, pathways, and strategies that do successfully move artists from local visibility, to regional, and national — if you have a map and a guide.

Introducing the complete Art Career Mentor Program—Home Study Edition developed just for you as an emerging or mid-career artist.

It’s not easy to get hands-on advice from successful artists who know what’s what.

That’s why I’m so excited about creating this soup-to-nuts Art Career Mentor Program–Home Study Edition with Geoffrey Gorman—a successful-right-now artist and ex-gallery dealer of 15 years—who doesn’t hold anything back about all the insider art world tips he knows and uses himself.

Once a week for 10 weeks, you get a virtual library of how-to-do-it. A tool kit. A foundation on which to build and maintain a strong art career over the long haul.

This structured, intensive, workshop material is sent to your inbox (a total of 15 hours of mp3 audio along with work sheets, & 10 session outlines-one per week) and walks you, step by step, through everything you need to know—from how to assess the professional level of your artwork, how to price for any economy, how to collect the lists that the art world expects you to keep, when social media helps your career, or hurts it, to all your critical marketing materials, and so much more it would take 10 weeks to get it all.

And we tailored it to build a successful, sustainable career for two levels: if you’re just getting started (emerging), or you’ve been in the art world for a while (mid-career) but want to jump to from local to regional or even national.


I feel like I have a game plan now…1-Judith Shaw

This Art Career Mentoring program was excellent. Before I felt like I was floundering around from idea to idea. But then I worked on my goals and that helped me to focus and feel like I have a game plan now to work from. I particularly like the advice that for every idea or project it’s important to check in with my vision statement to make sure it’s in alignment. — Judith Shaw



With just 10 Weeks of Home Study, You Can Give Your Art Career the Muscle it Needs to Stay Strong no matter what.

Each week is developmentally programmed to layer in one step at a time, so you move easily and gracefully into more and more complex material–the kind of material that successful artists at the national level have mastered.

Yes, please sign me up! I really want to be one of the first 100 people who will get instant access to all this material before the price jumps past this never-again-this-low $198.


Introducing Your Art Career Mentors



Hi…I’m Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. For 17 years, I’ve been an ally for visual artists who understand that presenting their work with credibility is as basic as good art supplies.

As a writer, art-career coach, and entrepreneur who grew up in a family of artists, my gift is helping you balance your ‘right-brain’ creativity with the more ‘left-brain’ strategies you need to be successful.

I started the annual smARTist® Telesummit–the longest running telesummit online, and the only professional art-career conference anywhere–so artists had a place they could trust to keep them updated and moving forward in the 21st Century.

However, as deep as my art career experience goes, no one can know it all. So when Geoffrey suggested we work together, I jumped on it.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to work with such a successful, savvy, and smart artist? He is, as I say, “boots on the ground.” And now you can have access to the best of his right/left brain too!


gormanHi, I’m Geoffrey Gorman. I’ve been an artist’s coach for over 15 years, and worked in galleries for 15 years before that.

Now, I’m pursuing my art as a full-time artist in Santa Fe, NM. At the moment. First I developed a large network of gallery representation around the country, and then decided to go exclusive with the stellar Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe. Jane champions my art  so successfully that I’ve gone to art fairs from Beijing to Palm Beach. She’s gotten my work into several museum collections and landed several articles in national arts magazines.

Heading into the eighth year as a full time artist, I have three solo exhibitions scheduled for 2013.

As I watched  Ariane gathering great material for artists under her smARTist® umbrella, I just knew she was perfect to help me co-create the ultimate, now-you-have-no-excuses art career program.



This program jumped me out of a marketing and creative rut…

The Art Career Master Vision Plan, in sessions two and three, helped me re-vision what I want to do, looking at what my current business practices are, where they fall short, and what I can add that is consistent with my vision.

This program helped me take an honest look at where I am, what I’m doing now, and jumped me out of a marketing and creative rut to take more control of my path. It was particularly helpful to see how I could use the Internet to research the paths that artists a few steps ahead of me have taken! — Lydia Gray

Here are just some of the practical, results-oriented strategies you’ll only have to learn once-and they’re yours

  • Relative to the Art World, learn how to assess where you are right now. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your art, your marketing options, your business goals. Once  you see the ground you are standing on, then you can move forward.
  • From this starting point, learn how to turn random ideas and lists of goals into a coherent Master Plan that fits your life and frees you from overwhelm.
  • Once you have a handle on how to price your art, track your expenses, plan your income, and go after what you want… you can tame the scary beast that is your marketing business.
  • Learning what a goal is and isn’t helps you take the right action at the right time, so you don’t miss that next critical opportunity.  (Hint: “I’m going to get 3 galleries in 6 months,” is not a goal!)
  • Sell your work without feeling like you’re selling. When you really know how to talk about your work to the people who matter, you step confidently into marketing and promotion with a flair that is based on who you truly are, and not some fake persona.
  • There are five critical lists that all successful, nationally-recognized artists develop and keep—isn’t it time you did too?
  • What makes your portfolios stand out in that pile of 150 portfolios on the floor beside that gallery dealer’s desk? It’s really not all that hard and depends on one critical thing.
  • Get clear about what your website can and can’t do for you, and learn how to set it up so it’s an effective heartbeat for your visibility.
  • Find out the real story behind social media in the art world, so you can use your online time effectively without getting swept away by wasting time on silliness.

Yes, I want in on this material before the price jumps past this never-again-this-low $198 after the first 100 orders.

A Quick Summary of the program

You are getting the Home Study version of a live, 10-week Master Class that Geoffrey and I created so artists would have something that no one else, to date, has figured out: a straight-forward, step-by-step program for setting up an art career that works.

I’m sure some people would argue that each career path is utterly unique.

Geoffrey and I would argue right back that, while there will always be unique twists and turns, the most successful artists follow a similar, developmental pathway to their success.

This pathway is neither mysterious or mystical, but very practical and doable (your art will supply all the mystery and mystical elements you need!).

You supply the determination to have your dream come true, alongside smart decisions that lead to your success. And we will show you exactly how to do that!

All the classes are immediately downloadable from a link sent to your inbox each week. You get the audio version, a written transcription, outline notes for each class, worksheets, homework, as well as the Q & A from the live participants in the original class–and all of this far below the $5000 price tag for the live event!

Each week, this is what you get:

  • 90 minutes of content-packed audio (mp3 files to download & listen on your computer or iPod, or burn your own CDs)
  • Complete, written transcripts of all 10 classes
  • Complete outline notes for each 90-min audio session for each class
  • Real artists asking real questions – and getting real answers
  • Detailed worksheets to walk you through every step
  • Homework to stay focused and follow up
  • Real-world examples to follow
  • Tons of incredibly-useful “insider art tips” and art-specific resources from two people who know

Joan Marie-Morning Has Broken

Valuable information…

Thank you, Ariane and Geoffrey for so much valuable information. Help with the artist statement and portfolio was HUGE! — Joan Marie

Ariane and Geoffrey laid out a clear and easy-to-follow format…

I’m a practicing artist who also does transcriptions. One of the great perks, when I’m transcribing for Ariane, is being privy to exciting and important art career information.

I recently had the good luck to transcribe the smARTist® 10-Week Art Career Mentoring Group program that Ariane and Geoffrey co-created.  These were ten 90-minute sessions packed with an abundance of pertinent and critical information on every single thing any artist has to know about building a successful career.

I have spent a lot of time and money stumbling around in the dark when it comes to how, in fact, an artist can make a living selling art.  I had very few clues as to what that meant in terms of what I should invest or how a successful career would play out in the oft-times, tricky art world.

Now I know.

Ariane and Geoffrey laid out a clear and easy-to-follow format, which included detailed instructions on the specifics (portfolios, business plans, online presence, venues, gallery relationships, marketing, etc.) that will get me there.

Plus there are so many incredibly useful insider tips. And it’s all specifically related to artists, aimed at my particular mindset.

It’s all there.  A virtual library of how-to-do-it. A tool kit.  A foundation on which to build that successful art career.  Not easy, but, with the right guidance, possible.  And this, for me, is the right guidance. — Lori Wolfson

Here’s Your 10-Week Module Outlinegroupsmall

Week 1: Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Your Artwork – Plus a roadmap for all 10 weeks.

You will learn…

  • How to assess your artwork’s strengths and weaknesses
  • How to understand the power of your artistic voice
  • How to look at your current collectors and today’s market
  • How to start, and hold, a conversation about your art with anyone anywhere


Week 2: Developing a Master Vision Plan, Part I

You will learn…

  • How to figure out your mission statement and your vision statement (no, these are not the same)
  • How to set up your Art-Career inventory
  • How to figure out who your best customers are, and where to find them
  • Why assessing your signature style is so important  (Ariane calls this your artistic fingerprint)
  • Which nitty-gritty business strategies support your art career, and which don’t


Week 3: Developing a Master Vision Plan, Part II

You will learn…

  • How to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, in and out of the studio
  • How to set up a non-scary, Business Plan
  • Why some marketing tools are better than others
  • How to set up the right short-term goals and action plans to ensure success at all stages of your career
  • Which documents you must have for communicating with the world about your art


Week 4: How to Get Your Bragging Rights so You Can Sell Yourself Without Selling

You will learn…

  • What Bragging Rights are, how to find/get them, and how to use them with ease
  • How to develop stories that compel your listener to look at your art in a new light
  • What kind of exposure and visibility you need to keep and maintain a healthy art career for life
  • Why artist networking is so important that we build it in from Week 4 through Week 10!


Week 5: Polishing Your Critical Marketing Tools

You will learn…

  • How to transform the angst of Marketing” to the joy of connecting
  • How to set up your “Master Marketing Tools” checklist
  • Why an Artist Statement is so powerful, and how to write your own
  • Ariane’s unique Artist Statement interview process that gives you the content you need
  • What other artists have successfully written in Ariane’s select:  Artist Statement samples


Week 6: Creating Your Professional Portfolio

You will learn…

  • What to include in your portfolio, and in what order
  • What your portfolio must look like to stand out
  • How to set up a hard-copy portfolio, as well as a digital version
  • What it means to have a “Portable Studio”
  • The mistakes you absolutely have to avoid
  • The best strategies to use when presenting your portfolio to a gallery


Week 7: The Ins and Outs of Artist Websites – Home Base for Your Marketing Plan

You will learn…

  • The basic pages and principles of good website design for your art, as well as marketing effectiveness
  • The guidelines you need for your website pages: Home, Portfolio, About, and Contact pages
  • Which alternative pages to consider, and which to avoid at all costs
  • How to increase traffic to your website by posting your images online for free
  • Examples of what to do, and what not to do, as Geoffrey and Ariane review and critique websites


Week 8: Selling Your Art – At What Price Point for Which Venue at Which Stage of Your Career?

You will learn…

  • How to price sensibly and profitably
  • How to identify the best venues and goals for direct sales
  • Which pricing strategies work with which venues
  • How to work with consultants, museums, agents, and dealers
  • Why galleries want to work with you, how you work with them, and what you should never say to a gallery owner


Week 9: Promoting Yourself with Effective Publicity and Savvy Media Relations

You will learn…

  • Why you want publicity – and what’s worth publicizing!
  • How to assemble your list of best media contacts
  • How, and when, to contact the media so you have their attention
  • How to write a press release that stands out in the crowd
  • How to create a media packet (some call it a “media kit”)
  • How to best prepare for a media interview
  • How to follow up and staying in touch with the media contacts you need most


Week 10: Building Dynamic, Successful Relationships with Internet Strategies and Your Art Network

You will learn…

  • Why every artist needs a network–and strategies to make yours work for you.
  • The 5 groups to stay in touch with
  • Ways to create connections with other artists
  • Which Internet strategies pay off (including blogging and social media info)
  • How to keep relationships vibrant and growing, because they help grow sales

PLEASE NOTE: All the course materials are digital downloads (mp3 & PDF) and not physical products.


Now I know how to achieve my art career goals…

This program is empowering. It has been like a college credit course in its professional presentation and content.

Basically, I was stalled out before I found your Art Career Mentoring program. I’d done everything I knew how, and yet I was not selling much work. I’d left a full time position to become a full time artist, but I really didn’t know how to promote my art and myself as an artist.4-Joanne Giesbrecht

I feel much more confident because now I know how to achieve my art career goals. Now that you have “launched” me, I just need to get out and DO it! I am having my first solo show – a Studio Show here in my home – in November. I feel confident that I will know how to make it successful, to build on what I have learned, and to use this as a steppingstone to the next level in my career. — Joanne Giesbrecht

P.S. Before this program, my sales had totaled: zero! 

6 weeks after I completed this program, I learned so much that I held my own studio show where, in just 2 days, I sold over a 100 pieces to the 50 people who came!

Plus, I landed 4 commissions and was invited to participate in 2 other shows!

Please sign me up! I want to start learning right away!

Your success starts here

In wrapping up the 10 weeks, Geoffrey Gorman said…

Active artists have to be showing their work on a regular basis. After this 10 weeks, there will be no excuses as you expand your ability to find, make, and maximize specific art career decisions. You now have everything you need to make the choices that lead to success no matter what the economy is doing.”


Mirja Valhala-Transformed

I learned so many things…

I learned so many things – how to write bios or statements, how to set up a gallery proposal, how to design my website and other materials. I learned how to plan my steps – things like starting locally, then regional, then national. 5-Mirja Valhala

The biggest thing for me is to finally get concrete about creating a body of work that is consistent and recognizable.

Listening to the discussions provided by Geoffrey and Ariane in regards to their experiences and knowledge in the art industry and communications was very valuable.
— Mirja Valhala


I know what it’s like to struggle along from month to month.  And I also know that when we don’t choose to act, nothing changes.

As they say, no decision is still a decision.  In fact, no action is still an action!

Whether your career is just starting out, or ready to grow in new directions, this program gives you insider information you just can’t get anywhere else.

This is your moment, your dream.  It’s yours for the taking.


I’m definitely ready to take my art career to the next level.

Which artists should not even consider this?

What artist, who’s serious about their work, wouldn’t jump at a chance for real success?

Still… there are 2 reasons why this may not be your time.

1. If you crave a Silver Bullet, this isn’t the material for you. Being successful takes time, work, and a plan. The Art Career Mentor Program—Home Study Edition is only for artists who are ready to roll up their sleeves and apply the process that has the potential to move artists into national visibility.

2. If this modest price is going to drain your bank account, please pass. No one learns effectively, or moves ahead successfully, when financial stress has bottomed out. Your best option is to buy this program before that happens.

Our Guarantee

Geoffrey and I are so confident that this program provides the tools and strategies you need to move your art career forward—no excuses—that we want to make sure there’s no risk for you, so our refund policy is straight forward

If you honestly don’t feel there’s substantial value within 30 days of receiving it, we’ll turn the clock back to the second just before you clicked “Buy Now,” and gladly refund you 100%.

From you: this will be on your honor. From us: no conditions, no strings.

So go ahead, get the best set of art-career training wheels anywhere. With our straight forward guarantee on your side, you’ve places to go and no time to lose!

Bob Pike-Metal BoxWould benefit any artist…

6-Bob Pike

With all the information The Art Career Mentoring program has given me, I can make an informed decision about which direction to take my career.

This program would benefit any artist who truly wants to take their art career to a professional level

                                       — Bob Pike

Examples are so important to long-term learning

Sometimes seeing how other artists do something is the best way to get it. That’s why having these artists interacting with me and Geoffrey on the audio sessions is so helpful.


You get real life examples from the artists who took the live program.

Their challenges and triumphs will eliminate the guesswork as you put your own strategies and plans in place from the Art Career Mentor Program–Home Study Edition.


P.S. Do you let opportunities slip by because you aren’t sure how to make a decision?

I’ve learned the hard way that decisions based on what supports my life energy are always right, and decisions that support my doubts lead me deeper into the fear jungle where things go BOO in the night!

Here’s one technique I use regularly: I close my eyes and imagine I’m holding a lovely, small plate in both hands. In one plate sits a card that says “Yes.” In the other is “No.” Then I take 3 deep breaths and turn my brain into a skyscape.

Once I sense a blue spaciousness inside my brain (no thoughts), I ask: Is XX right for me at this time? Then I wait to see what happens.

The first time I did this, one plate floated up (that’s the decision I went with) and the other sank down. So far, the decisions made with this process have proved wise each time.

Yes, please sign me up for only $198–and send me the instant-access link to Week One’s material!