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Are you an artist who thinks that the only way to be successful depends on others? Gallery owners, an agent, that 17h Century Count or Empress in a 21st Century suit?

Hi! I’m Ariane of smARTist and for years I was looking around for my sunset cowboy to ride into town and carry me off (blush). However, years later, I must admit I actually like riding my own pony (or race horse, as the case may be).

There’s a sense of purpose and deep satisfaction knowing I’ve figured out the budget (from one who sees numbers as Enemy No.1), posted a blog post (rare, but it does happen), or cleared off that desktop awash in paper (bless those recycling gnomes!).

And it hasn’t always been that way.

Even four years after my book – Writing The Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work – hit the information highway, and I had artists tracking me down to see if there were other ways I could help them – even then I was looking around the corner for someone to save me.

I had spent years raising my children (Yup, I’m a mom), running my own natural food production company (Yup, I rock with recipes, plus I’m an entrepreneur with the DNA of my great grandfather who founded Whitewater, Kansas in 1877.), and then landing my doctorate in Human Development and Creative Behavior (Yup, I’m a “doc.”)—but all of this did not bury the “save-me-from-myself-and-being successful” syndrome.

What saved me was an artist—a fine visual artist, in a gallery, on the coast of Maine. I stood before a series of seascapes that took my breath away, and had a flashback conversion.

Within a nanosecond, this artist returned me to the roots of my childhood, that Bastille of bohemian artistry in Big Sur, CA, where the wild mountainside careens into the crashing waves of the Pacific.

I come from a family of artists: writer father, painter grandmother, mother, and daughter, and yet I had turned away from this past, decked out with significant, historical artists at my dinner table, because I felt I would be cheating (lol!) to trade in on a past I didn’t make with my own hands (talk about being stuck behind the China Wall of Foolish Integrity 😉

Suddenly, in a small, weather-beaten gallery, I found myself stepping out from behind that wall and taking one giant step toward open space.

What Wall Are You Stuck Behind?

As an artist you have the potential for layers of satisfaction. It begins when the creative urge overtakes you in that mad joyousness that only creative flow can generate. And it continues when another person stands in awe in front of your creation.

It gets even better when the wallet comes out.

Only, how often does that happen? Often enough?

Day after day I hear from artists who just can’t seem to find a direct line to their audience. Galleries are dying. Collectors are drying up. The wailing wall of the art world seems to add another mile each day.

I also hear from artists who are thriving. Buyers are lining up at their doors.

So, what’s the difference between these two scenarios?

As an artist you can’t afford to stand in front of a wall, even one with gorgeous hand-hewn stones, and imagine your cowboy (or Baron, or Count, or Rock Star) is coming along.

You have to take action. Put stuff in motion. Put yourself out in as many ways as make sense for your career.

Now I Want To Share With You A Place You Might Have Never Considered Before

One of the beauties of our New Online World is that we can do so much without spending a penny.

You can try things out. Learn new approaches. See if they work for you.

Above, I asked what’s the difference between the “can’t make it up the hill” artist and the thriving artist?

Thriving artists use all the tools at their disposal to get to their audience and create a diversity of income streams.

And Craigslist is absolutely one of those tools.

“How To Use Craigslist
as a Global Publicity Tool”

Free Publicity Maven, Joan Stewart,
interviews Craigslist authority, Nancy Mills

Here’s what you’ll learn in this instant PDF download…

  • How to mine those 7 billion page views a month on Craigslist to increase an audience for your art
  • What you can do for *free* on Craigslist, and what has a price tag
  • How to handle the different categories and divisions on Craigslist for greatest impact
  • Why you need to set up an account page vs. just individual posts
  • What is the single most important thing to remember for successful posting (and so you don’t get bumped!)
  • What must be in the subject matter of every post every time
  • How to assess keywords in Craigslist, and why they are so critical
  • How to hotlink a Craigslist post back to your website
  • The specific way you have to write for Craigslist – if you want results
  • When to use a long post vs a short post – and when these both work
  • How to avoid abuse and overuse on Craigslist, so you don’t get flagged and dropped
  • How to stay on top of the constantly changing policies, so you don’t get flagged and dropped
  • How to take one event and spin it multiple ways for multiple posts in multiple cities
  • How Craigslist helps you stay at the top of a Google search

Don’t miss out on the information in this report because the greater your visibility, the greater your chances for success. Besides, It’s 100% free!

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Wishing you continued creative flow,

P.S. I never planned on having an artist turn my world around, yet it’s what happened. That’s the power you hold in your hands. So, let’s make sure that you get what you need so your vision can light up the corner of someone’s world.

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