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You Don’t Expect Your Art To Always Be One Thing…
So Why Put That Pressure On Your Cash Flow?


When you expect your original art sales to be your main, even sole source of making money, the pressure can feel enormous.

…sometimes to the point of affecting your creativity and self-esteem when those originals aren’t making the grade.

 Thank goodness, with all of the tools available these days, you have more options than ever to bring in cash flow above and beyond selling your original work.

sellyourartmakemoneyLast spring, I had the pleasure of working with an artist in Hawaii who uses Sacred Geometry as the unifying theme underpinning every piece she creates.

Not only does this give her a significant aspect of her artistic fingerprint (i.e., your artist’s voice), she also turns this core theme into different streams of income that allow her to relax and wait for the right collector to buy her very high-end originals.

With income flowing in from other sources, she has more freedom to work on new originals without worrying about whether or not the older ones are selling. 

The great part of this story is that, because she broadened her cash flow base, she simultaneously broadened her visibility and ability to sell the originals. 

Nice combination.

So, how can you do this too?

The tricky part is getting the right information about different ways of creating income so you can make the right decisions for you and your work.

Bringing you the ALL NEW “More Ways to Make Artsy Money” Training #2

Because our world is expanding exponentially in all directions at once, and keeping up seems a full time job, I’m thrilled to bring you four more art-career experts, and successful artists, who can help you pull in more income based on what’s happening right now in the art world.

So exactly what is the ALL NEW “More Ways to Make Artsy Money” Training #2?

This training is a four-hour audio series (MP3 files you can stream to your iPod or burn to your own CDs) that includes four speaker handouts (you can read and print out) focused exclusively on alternate streams of income just for visual fine artists!

Before you can assess which streams of income are right for you and your art, you have to educate yourself about what’s actually out there.

And, because so much of our New World is inundated with information from sources that are hard to verify and trust, I personally vetted every single art-career expert, and successful artist, who gives these trainings.

This training for “More Ways to Make Artsy Money 2” recognizes two things:

Making art is deeply intimate, and offering it to the world is a vulnerable and courageous act.

It’s not just that you love what you do, it’s that what you do is intricately bound up with your identity.

1)  When it comes to making additional revenue, good decisions that lead to successful outcomes have to align with the truest sense of who you are.

You know yourself and your art better than anyone else. So, even if an expert is giving expert advice, you are the final judge if it’s right for you or not.

2)  When you trust yourself and trust that the information you are hearing feels right for you, that’s when confusion and stress disappear.

Our bodies are the best barometers of truth because, unlike our brains, our bodies can’t lie. If you’re sick, you’re sick. If you feel light and upbeat, that’s how you feel.

Paying attention to your body’s message gives you a barometer you can trust—for you.

When you have information about new streams of income, to assess and review, from a source you trust—and you are paying attention to your own messages (are you leaning back as the speaker is talking, or leaning closer?) —the entire “new streams of income” process transforms from a confused “What do I do?” to “Oh, here’s a first step I can take.”

Let’s take a look at the successful artists and art-career authorities who can help you expand your cash flow.

(not to mention giving you some practice listening to your own inner messages…)

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Claudine Hellmuth

A Success Story – Artist as Writer and Workshop Leader
~Claudine Hellmuth (1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)

Increase your cash flow with workshops and books:

 On workshops, learn…

  • How to find the perfect workshop venue, set it up and price it right
  • The best way to start your workshop, pace it, and bring to a close
  • What an instructor agreement is (sample included in handout)
  • How to sell your own art at your workshop—with grace and ease

On your book, learn…

  • How to come up with the concept
  • How to write an easy book proposal
  • How to find the right publisher
  • How to navigate contracts, royalties and marketing when your proposal is accepted

Claudine is a nationally known collage artist featured in The New York Times, and has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, HGTV and The DIY Network. Her client list includes projects with major companies like Smart Car, Capitol Records and national publications such as The Saturday Evening Post.

She launched an exclusive paper crafting line with The Home Shopping Network and makes live, on air appearances with each new product release. In 2008, she developed a product line with Ranger Industries called Claudine Hellmuth Studio. She has also written three books and produced three DVDs centering on art and collage techniques that she teaches in her workshops.

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Jodi Walsh

Become a REVENUE GENERATING Artist with Vertical Markets

~ Jodi Walsh (1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)

From a full time artist who is never out of work, learn…

  • How to identify which markets your work is suited for
  • How to identify, and evaluate, a market place that you might not, normally, consider
  • How to recognize the business reality of any opportunity and respond immediately with a wise decision

For over 30 years Jodi has successfully marketed her own work, and helped artists market theirs, in corporate and residential markets using methodologies developed from her former corporate experience as Director of Marketing Communications for several software companies.


Limiting Your Avenues for Cash Flow Limits Your Potential

Expanding beyond the sale of original work offers a chance for you to be pro-active and engaged with new venues and people you might never have the chance to meet otherwise

And, as we all know, life is prone to dishing up wild, new opportunities in the most mysterious of ways when we break out of familiar behavior patterns.

So, even though making art is what you do, and selling originals and a few derivatives is what you know best – what delights might be waiting to surprise you once you take the plunge to try something really new?

When you dare yourself to go beyond your comfort zone…

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Barney Davey

How You Can Build a Second Income in the Art Print Market – Putting Art Prints in Perspective
~ Barney Davey (1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)

Learn how the top visual artists succeed at…  

  • Getting successfully started in this second-income, art print market
  • Implementing the top 5 things that determine when your work is ready for the art print marketL
  • Learning which, of all the different types of prints, is the right one for you and your art
  • Identifying the difference between self-publishing and working with a publisher, and how to decide which one you need most
  • Mastering which technical details of images and giclees you need to know and which you can leave to the experts

With 20 years as sales and marketing executive for Décor magazine and Décor Expo, as well as art marketing and advertising strategy consultant for art publishers and self-published artists—is the leading authority in fine art print market and author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art.

Plus BONUS No.1 – a presentation about making money for the pure fun of it!

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Connie Mettler

More Patrons Than You Ever Dreamed of – Learn the Secrets of Being Successful At the Nations Juried Fine Art Fairs
~ Connie Mettler (1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)  

If you enjoy people, nothing’s more perfect than an art fair, if you know…

  • Strategies for applying and being accepted at the top art fairs
  • What are the critical differences – for your art – between weekend art fairs, national art fairs, art expos, wholesale shows, and retail shows
  • Strategies for applying and being accepted at the top art fairs
  • How to prepare images for the jurying process
  • What you should be paying for the most effective resources and display equipment
  • The most best way to price your work, set up inventory, create a sales technique, and set up credit cards
  • What kind of advance marketing will have the greatest impact on selling your work

Connie Mettler is a veteran of the nation’s juried fine art fairs. She and her husband, fine art photographer Norm Darwish, traveled the country selling his work at more than 500 top-rated events from Boston and Miami, Dallas and Denver, Minneapolis and Chicago from 1987 to 2006. Now Connie publishes the #1 google rated web site for “art fairs”, ArtFairCalendar.com, the only online calendar that lists the nation’s top events.

Lori, Maria, Barney, and Sharon don’t hold back anything, giving you the nitty-gritty details from their own hard-earned lessons in the art world.

Like me, they are rooting for you to succeed, knowing you can avoid some of the pitfalls of the hit and miss approach because you have serious content about creating cash flow from multiple sources.

 If you’ve been stuck in the put-every-thing-into-the-“sell-the-original-only” basket, once you hear these four mind-altering and information-packed audios I’m confident you will be able make more money with your art, and art-related skills, than you’ve imagined—up to now!

And… BONUS No.2

Four hefty (and I do mean hefty!) handouts, to print out and read, which these speakers created to go with their audios to help you expand the learning from their presentations.

$149 + FREE Transcripts (a $48 value)


Supported And Encouraged My Marketing Efforts

Superb material, which has supported and encouraged my marketing efforts. This will help push me over the edge to success with a balance of art production and sales. —Pam Williams




Navigating the Course

Navigating the Course

Of Great Benefit to Artists Who Want to Succeed

As an emerging artist I found the smARTist speakers knowledgeable on a variety of pertinent topics about how to be more successful in the marketplace: getting good gallery representation; the possibilities of licensing; representing myself through my own website; and a variety of tips on connecting with interested collectors. I think the Telesummit information is of great benefit to artists who want to succeed. —Gregory Reade


kathyfordThis Material Far Exceeded My Expectations 

I found that this material far exceeded my expectations. The smARTist speakers were professionals at the top of their respective fields of expertise. I was so grateful for their wisdom, insights and practical suggestions. smARTist™ took me from a place of bewildered intention about how to build my business to one ofdeliberate, prioritized action. Many thanks Ariane, for all your hard work, focus and fabulous hosting. —Kathy Ford


$149 + FREE Transcripts (a $48 value)


Once you’ve learned different ways to bring in the income you want, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without this information.

And the good news is that just one sale immediately recoups your small investment in this training! 



blue_GuaranteeSignYour Investment is protected by my Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that if you actively participate and apply the tools and methods provided by these art career experts, you’ll be delighted with the results. But I also want you to have peace of mind.

If you decide the “Sell Your Art Stress Free” bundle isn’t what you expected, I’ll return 100% of your investment up to 30 days after purchase.

If you learn just one strategy to increase your sales, this investment in your professional development will have paid for itself many times over.



Remember, you get instant access to all 4 hours of downloadable mp3 files, PLUS the detailed handouts that I require each art-career authority to create as a companion to their presentation.

Click the “Yes, I want this!” button, and I’ll send you this detailed, step-specific training material immediately.

$149 + FREE Transcripts (a $48 value)

P.S. I know the drill of “I’ll come back later,” and seriously suggest that if you are getting a “yes” in your heart, if what you’ve seen and read here resonates with you, give yourself this gift of information to make your life easier and your cash flow more abundant. Step into the “yes” of what you know to be true.


$149 + FREE Transcripts (a $48 value)