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As a visual fine artist, how important is it to find new ways to bring in more cash flow?


(Are there ways to take the pressure off your original art sales as your sole source of making money?)

When your main income producer is selling original work, the pressure can feel enormous.

…even to the point of affecting your creativity, not to mention self-esteem.

Thank goodness, today, you have more options than ever to bring in cash flow above and beyond selling your original work.

And your fellow artists are doing it all the time.

In March, I had the pleasure of working with an artist who uses Sacred Geometry as the unifying theme underpinning every piece she creates.

Not only does this give her a significant aspect of her artistic fingerprint (i.e., your artist’s voice), she also turns this core theme into different streams of income that allow her to relax and wait for the right collector to buy her very high-end originals.

With income flowing in from other sources, she has more freedom to work on new originals without worrying about whether or not the older ones are selling. 

The great part of this story is that, because she broadened her cash flow base, she simultaneously broadened her visibility and ability to sell the originals. 

Nice combination.

So, how do you do this too?

The tricky part is getting viable information about different ways of creating income so you can make the right decisions for you and your work.

Bringing you a training on “More Ways to Make Artsy Money”  

Because our world is expanding exponentially in all directions at once, and keeping up seems a full time job, I’m thrilled to bring you four art-career experts, and successful artists, who can help you pull in more income based on what’s happening right now in the art world.

So exactly what is the “More Ways to Make Artsy Money” training?

This training is a four-hour audio series (MP3 files you can stream to your iPod or burn to your own CDs) that includes four speaker handouts (you can read and print out) focused exclusively on alternate streams of income just for visual fine artists!

Before you can assess which streams of income are right for you and your art, you have to educate yourself about what’s actually out there.

And, because so much of our New World is inundated with information from sources that are hard to verify and trust, I personally vetted every single art-career expert, and successful artist, who gives these trainings.

This training for “More Ways to Make Artsy Money” recognizes two things:

Making art is deeply intimate, and offering it to the world is a vulnerable and courageous act.

It’s not just that you love what you do, it’s that what you do is intricately bound up with your identity.

1)  When it comes to making additional revenue, good decisions that lead to successful outcomes have to align with the truest sense of who you are.

You know yourself and your art better than anyone else. So, even if an expert is giving expert advice, you are the final judge if it’s right for you or not.

2)  When you trust yourself and trust that the information you are hearing feels right for you, that’s when confusion and stress disappear.

Our bodies are the best barometers of truth because, unlike our brains, our bodies can’t lie. If you’re sick, you’re sick. If you feel light and upbeat, that’s how you feel.

Paying attention to your body’s message gives you a barometer you can trust—for you.

When you have information about new streams of income, to assess and review, from a source you trust—and you are paying attention to your own messages (are you leaning back as the speaker is talking, or leaning closer?) —the entire “new streams of income” process transforms from a confused “What do I do?” to “Oh, here’s a first step I can take.”

Let’s take a look at the successful artists and art-career authorities who can help you expand your cash flow.

(not to mention giving you some practice listening to your own inner messages…)

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Lori Woodward

How Artists Are Making $$ Right Now
~ Lori Woodward
(1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)

What’s working right now for artists and gallery owners


  • Two Gallery case studies: how they increased sales in an economic downturn
  • Two Artist case studies: why they had their best sales ever (and their surprising strategy)
  • How a Physicist quit his day job after selling 100% of his small works
  • How Artist Groups banded together reaping 100% of exhibition profits
  • How artists in galleries increased, or maintained, their income during the recession 

As a fine artist, Lori Woodward has sold artwork since 1996 through a variety of venues, including commercial galleries in Maine, Cape Cod, and Tucson Arizona.

An avid researcher, she conducts dozens of interviews to get the latest scoop from artists and gallery owners on what’s working right now to bring in the money. 

Woodward has written art-marketing articles for Fine Art Views’ online newsletter since 2007, and authored the chapter on artists’ websites in the “Art Marketing Handbook for the 21st Century.”

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Maria Brophy

Put Deals Together
~ Maria Brophy
(1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)

Increase your profit with creative partnerships by…

  • Creatively teaming up with big brands for profit and promotion
  • Keeping artistic integrity once you partner with a big brand or company
  • Licensing work so you earn from the same image, again and again
  • Aligning with companies who will pay you to be an artist!
  • Learning the secret to getting sponsored by art companies and other brands

An art licensing agent for over a decade, Maria Brophy helped launch her artist husband’s career and now consults on art licensing and deal making, with the intention of helping artists gain confidence in their own business savvy.

Limiting Your Avenues for Cash Flow Limits Your Potential

Expanding beyond the sale of original work offers a chance for you to be pro-active and engaged with new venues and people you might never have the chance to meet otherwise

And, as we all know, life is prone to dishing up wild, new opportunities in the most mysterious of ways when we break out of familiar behavior patterns.

So, even though making art is what you do, and selling originals and a few derivatives is what you know best – what delights might be waiting to surprise you once you take the plunge to try something really new?

When you dare yourself to go beyond your comfort zone…

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Barney Davey

Successful Sales in the Giclée Print Market to Leverage Your Success
~ Barney Davey
(1 hr-mp3 audio+handout)

Learn how top visual artists succeed at…

  • How to create a brand by coordinating your website, email, publicity and social media
  • How to sell directly online
  • How to control your distribution channels
  • How to diversifying your price points
  • How to identify the best online art retail partners
  • How to locate and work with the best giclée printers

Barney Davey is the leading authority in the fine art print market and the author of How to Profit from the Art Print Market: Creating Cash Flow from Original Art.  With a lifetime of experience in all aspects of the art world, Barney knows insider secrets for exploiting the traditional media.

Plus BONUS No.1 – a presentation to set you apart from the competition

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Sharon Pitts

Travel With Your Talent – Giving Workshops Abroad
~ Sharon Pitts
(mp3 audio+handout)

Share your artist skills with other people in a perfect, getaway workshop…

  • Find The Perfect, sumptuous location
  • Learn which mistakes to avoid overseas 
  • Learn how to plan all the details for fun and success
  • Learn which materials you’ll need, and why each is important
  • Discover where to find the artists who will love your workshop
  • Learn how to organize the entire event from soup to nuts 

A longtime professional artist, Sharon has been giving workshops for the last 12 years. Since 2006, she has led workshops in the South of France. Following her advice, your artistic talent can take you to new horizons.

Lori, Maria, Barney, and Sharon don’t hold back anything, giving you the nitty-gritty details from their own hard-earned lessons in the art world.

Like me, they are rooting for you to succeed, knowing you can avoid some of the pitfalls of the hit and miss approach because you have serious content about creating cash flow from multiple sources.

 If you’ve been stuck in the put-every-thing-into-the-“sell-the-original-only” basket, once you hear these four mind-altering and information-packed audios I’m confident you will be able make more money with your art, and art-related skills, than you’ve imagined—up to now!

And… BONUS No.2

Three hefty handouts, to print out and read, which these speakers created to go with their audios to help you expand the learning from their presentations.



Supported And Encouraged My Marketing Efforts

Superb material, which has supported and encouraged my marketing efforts. This will help push me over the edge to success with a balance of art production and sales. —Pam Williams




Navigating the Course

Navigating the Course

Of Great Benefit to Artists Who Want to Succeed

As an emerging artist I found the smARTist Telesummit speakers knowledgeable on a variety of pertinent topics about how to be more successful in the marketplace: getting good gallery representation; the possibilities of licensing; representing myself through my own website; and a variety of tips on connecting with interested collectors. I think the Telesummit information is of great benefit to artists who want to succeed. —Gregory Reade


kathyfordThis Material Far Exceeded My Expectations 

I found that this material far exceeded my expectations. The smARTist Telesummit speakers were professionals at the top of their respective fields of expertise. I was so grateful for their wisdom, insights and practical suggestions. smARTist™ took me from a place of bewildered intention about how to build my business to one ofdeliberate, prioritized action. Many thanks Ariane, for all your hard work, focus and fabulous hosting. —Kathy Ford




Once you’ve learned different ways to bring in the income you want, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without this information.

And the good news is that just one sale immediately recoups your small investment in this training! 



blue_GuaranteeSignYour Investment is protected by my Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so confident that if you actively participate and apply the tools and methods provided by these art career experts, you’ll be delighted with the results. But I also want you to have peace of mind.

If you decide the “Sell Your Art Stress Free” bundle isn’t what you expected, I’ll return 100% of your investment up to 30 days after purchase.

If you learn just one strategy to increase your sales, this investment in your professional development will have paid for itself many times over.



Remember, you get instant access to all 4 hours of downloadable mp3 files, PLUS the detailed handouts that I require each art-career authority to create as a companion to their presentation.

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P.S. I know the drill of “I’ll come back later,” and seriously suggest that if you are getting a “yes” internally, if what you’ve seen and read here resonates with you, give yourself this gift of information to make your life easier because you have the right information, and your cash flow more abundant because, now, you know how.