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How To Be A Roaring Success At Art Fairs!

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Richard Rothbard of the Contemporary Art Fair NYC

Ariane Goodwin, Founder of smARTist TelesummitHello my Merry Band of Artists,

I met Richard Rothbard in Savannah, GA at the CODA Conference last spring, where he charmed me with sushi and this wild idea of holding a NYC Fine Art and Fine Craft fair that artists could actually afford.Richard Rothbard, American Art Marketing

Richard is an artist, owns four galleries (two in NYC, one in Stockbridge, MA, and a fourth in Savannah, GA), and is an art fair producer.

He has been producing Art Fairs and Wholesale Shows for 31 years. If anyone knows this business inside and out – it’s Richard!

And because I know you can always use another stream of income, I talked him into letting me pick his brains – for a whole hour.

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  • Is your art right for art fairs?
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  • What are the biggest mistakes artists make at art fairs
  • What do the successful, art-fair artists do – that you can copy
  • What’s Richard’s ‘hot’ tip – and an offer you can’t refuse – but only for those who listen to this recording
  • How is it possible to show your art in NYC for a measly $390 a booth?

Richard has never done a call like this before – and we had a grand time!

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I have known Richard Rothbard for nearly 30 years, since the Alternative Show he created across from the old ACC show in Rhinebeck. I have exhibited at many of his shows, which I found to be well organized, well marketed, and well managed in every way, and these were usually very profitable for me. I have also been well represented in three of his Galleries.

I know of no other artist who can effectively manage a significant studio, promote, organize and manage several retail shows and several galleries all without losing a breath. Richard is without question the most effective and productive person that I know.

I have no hesitation to sign up for his shows, as I know he will continue to nurture and grow them to the best of his ability in the years ahead. While many others in the arts continue to cut back and sing the blues, Richard moves forward with great new ideas, energy, enthusiasm, and unparalleled experience.

~Jan Mayer Kriska