Goodness – it feels as if it’s taken forever to get my brand new e-book series 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists in your hands!

And we are oh-so-close!

I just have to get through a right-knee replacement–Japanese, size 2, thank you– in March (gulp).

The book designer has to finish the last touches
(I can tell you this much: I think it’s Zen-like lovely!)

My loyal, fav team has to complete the release roll out for April
(when I’m imagining I’ll be, literally, back on my feet!).

And you… well, you don’t “have to,” but I’d be really excited if you
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Habit One: Make Art  – Three Areas of Art Production You Can’t Ignore

For those who want a wee bit of a preview, check out my weekly blog posts leading up to the April release (date to be announced)  because I’ll be giving you mini-10-Zen bites until then.

In the meantime, let me say that I wrote this for any artist who finds herself frustrated, or stuck, or simply unable to break through to the next level of success.

It is also for artists who enjoy being inspired by what other artists have accomplished.

In 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists, I went to your colleagues, competitors, and comrades in creative arms to find out how success operates in the lives of artists who consider themselves successful—on their own terms.

Success is a slippery slope for many reasons (I’ll go into these in my blog posts!), but my prayer is that 10 Zen Habits of Successful Artists will give you a sustainable path of grace and ease as you put your soulful work in the world.